“Oh sure, taunt a hungry chef... what I'm gonna serve my dinner guests for the first course?”
    —Master Chef

The Master Chef is a character who appeared in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. He first appeared in Sunny Beach, wherein he was found trying to wrangle up the local baby turtles to be used as a main ingredient in a soup he wants to prepare for himself and his unseen dinner guests. He gives Spyro an Orb for each challenge in which Spyro tries to keep the unsuspecting turtles from falling into the soup pot.

In the Dragon Shores amusement park, Master Chef was seen as one of the characters inside the dunk booth and one of the characters on the Love Boat ride.

In the game's original epilogue, the cauldron originally intended for turtle soup has been configured into a hot tub, where Master Chef, Spyro, and one of the elder turtles are seen relaxing.


  • "Your turtle friends happen to make a very good soup...if I can catch them. You can try to save them if you like, but I'm feeling awfully hungry."
  • "Mmm, I love the smell of turtle soup in the morning... Heh heh... I suppose you can try one more time, but I doubt you won't do any better."
  • "So you saved a few turtles...there are more where those came from. Here, take this orb and go away..."
  • "If you step a little closer to the pot, I'll start ringing my bell again."
  • "Rats! You saved every turtle on the beach. Here take this. I was going to use it to buy potatoes, but now I don't need it."


Master Chef/Gallery


  • The Chef is one of the few NPC's in Ripto's Rage! who shows a reaction from physical impact. If Spyro flames or charges him, he will quack in surprise, causing his hat to slide down over his eyes and get stuck.
  • His speaking voice follows the comical "French Chef" stereotype.
  • Master Chef's subjection to the dunk tank in Dragon Shores could possibly be a punishment sentenced by the turtle monks for his soup attempt. That would indicate his friendly actions in the epilogue were the results of him "turning over a new leaf".
  • When idle, he quacks in a "Donald Duck"-like voice.
  • While never confirmed, some speculate he may be affiliated with the Water Workers.
  • Despite wishing to cook baby turtles, he will give Spyro orbs if he interferes.
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