“Incredible glide, Spyro! I thought I'd be stuck here forever with those ugly vultures standing on my head. Those birds might look tough, but they're pretty tasty. Flame broiled, with a pinch of salt...”

Maximos (マクシモ=バトフーチョ Maximo in Japanese) is a Peace Keepers dragon who is found in Dry Canyon.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, he is very heavily built, wears a leather and fur studded chest harness with a stone buckle, and carries a stone club as his weapon of choice. He has a scar on his neck, plus his wings are really small.



  • In some early builds of the game, Maximos looks exactly like Magnus. In one such build, his dialogue is extremely slowed down, possibly due to an incorrect sample rate being applied to the sound file.
  • Maximos' name translates to "the largest" in latin, hence his size.
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