This article is about the 2nd Boss. You may be looking for the character.

Before the second battle aganst Red, he will become a robot after Spyro accidentally knocks him into one of the machines that turned the Gnorcs into robots. This form is called Mecha-Red and is the final boss of Spyro: A Hero's Tail.


Red has three attacks for each round: his first attack is throwing out small bombs (jokingly referred to by some as "nipple-rockets") that bounces towards Spyro if he got too close to them, his next attack is stomping the floor, causing a shockwave and debris to fall such as computer screens, his third attack is using his laser eyes.

After that, he will return to his normal form and rockets will appear around him. Ignite the rockets to hurt him, and he will take on his robot form again.

He will repeat the bombs and the stomping, but his third attack is now using his rocket boots to create a fire wave, after that, he will return normal again and four electrical generators and some bombs (the one he throws at you) will appear around him, dodge the bombs (or breathing at them) and zap the generators with Spyro's electric breath. When all of them are charged up, it will zap Red.

He will return to normal again and repeat his attack pattern, except his last attack is shooting rockets at you, he will then return to normal again and gnorcs with laser guns will appear, hit a switch nearby and the gnorcs will turn to attack Red.

After Spyro defeats Red, the Professor gets the computer controls to shrink Red. As Spyro approaches the minimized Red, the small Dragon Elder awakens and gets scared by Spyro's large size before trying to run away. The Professor then comes with a jar to put Red in and puts him in his lab and says "I'll have good use for him in my labratory..." then you will automatically spawn in Dragon Village.

After the boss fight, you can go back and find all the light gems and Dragon eggs you may have missed.

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