Midnight Mountain is the fourth and final homeworld in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and in the Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It can be accessed after defeating Scorch.

This homeworld contains portals to seven realms in addition to the Sorceress' Lair and Super Bonus Round.


This core world is a spectacular place for visitors. Its beauty is surreal compared to the other core worlds, and truly represents the magical nature of the Forgotten Worlds. Settled on the highest peaks of a massive mountain, Midnight Mountain is home to many beautiful huts, towers, and structures of all kinds build or carved into the mountain itself. Every speck of ground is covered in luminescent grass, fed even further by the gigantic rainbow crystals jutting out of the ground and walls. Connected by large bridges to ensure no one falls off, each island is decorated with clear crystals, jewels, and ivory figures. Possibly the only true danger is the glowing pink ooze streams that run through each peak. It is believed to be the excess energy used in creating this wonderful world. Since the peaks are so high into the sky, Midnight Mountain is always stuck at night, with a Milky Way, glittering rainbow of distant galaxies, and two large planets orbiting overhead. And also there is a huge beautiful castle with spiked chains, serpentine gargoyle-like torches, and a secret arena within the walls of the castle at the heart of Midnight Mountain, meaning that this kingdom is also home to the Rhynocs, and their wicked queen, the Sorceress.




  • Glide to the Island (Saki): Next to the tower containing the rocket is a series of steps. Climb up the steps to find another island. Glide to it to get the egg.
  • Shhh, It's a Secret (Billy): To the right of the Desert Ruins portal is a broken wall. Charge into it to find an island. Glide to it to get the egg.
  • Catch the Thief (Maiken): There is a blue thief running around the homeworld with this egg. Catch him either by charging into or flaming him.
  • Stomp the Floor (Buddy): To the left of Sparx's level is a couple of steps that leads to a cracked floor. Headbashing the floor will bring you to an underground cave where the egg will be.
  • At the Top of the Waterfall (Evie): Directly across from the entrance to the Sorceress' Lair is a pink acid waterfall. This egg is located on a small platform on top of the waterfall.
  • Egg for Sale (Al): See below.

Chasing Moneybags

After defeating the Sorceress, Moneybags will appear on the bridge between the portals to Crystal Islands and Desert Ruins. He says that he has a dragon egg and is going to sell it back in Avalar. He recognizes a mischievous look in Spyro's eyes, then starts running for his life. You'll then get the chance to chase the greedy bear down and reclaim your gems by flaming and/or charging into him until all the gems you've spent previously are reclaimed. Once running out of gems, an exhausted Moneybags will complain about how fast dragons are before saying that he is retiring to Spooky Swamp to become a haiku poet. The egg will then be given. This egg does count towards the egg count for Midnight Mountain, where it says that you have 6/5 eggs and a total of 111% for the level. In realms where you have not previously paid Moneybags, he will no longer appear in these realms, and any doors and paths he previously locked will now be open.

The Unreachable Island

Far out into the abyss near the point where the rocket is housed is a tall, thin island with three extra lives that cannot be reached by normal methods. It was intended to be the portal to the Super Bonus Round with a whirlwind in front of the Sorceress' Lair leading to it, but the idea was scrapped and the island was left in the game due to time constraints.

In the original game, the only known way to reach this island without using external hacking tools is to use a proxy jump glitch on the helmet structure surrounding the portal to Desert Ruins[1]. Hacking can be used to access the island - for example by allowing the player to "moon jump" or by teleporting the player directly there. A fan has also managed to create a patch which restores the whirlwind [2].

In the Reignited Trilogy, the whirlwind was restored in front of the Sorceress' Lair, and thus, the island can now be accessed. It will activate after the Sorceress' initial defeat.

Achievements & Trophies (Reignited Trilogy)

That Monkey's Gonna (Make Them) Pay...

  • Free Agent 9.[3]
    • PS4: Silver Trophy
    • XBOX One: 30G

8000 Reasons to Kick Butt

  • Get revenge on Moneybags.[4]
    • PS4: Gold Trophy
    • XBOX One: 40G







  • This is the only homeworld in the game to not to have a Powerup Gate, a Sgt. Byrd portal in any of its realms, and the only one where Spyro can die by falling without using glitches.
  • If you battle the Sorceress before you release Agent 9, he will appear at the battle and aid you. After finishing the level you'll notice that Agent 9 is free, waiting outside his level portal. Some dialogue is shown when you walk up to him, but no audio plays as there's no audio file for this dialogue.
    • Interestingly enough all the other critters have similar scenarios programmed into the game, but they go unused. Presumably they would have been used before their corresponding cutscenes had been programmed in.[5]
  • If you don't get the "Catch the Thief" egg before defeating the Sorceress, then the egg will just be sitting on the ground close to where the thief would have spawned. You can still collect it like any other egg by walking up to it.

Original Game

Reignited Trilogy

  • In the original version, Zoe appears next to the Super Bonus Round portal after defeating the Sorceress and would inform Spyro on how to unlock the realm. For some reason, she does not appear here in the Reignited Trilogy.
  • Despite having custom talking animations for most of his appearances in Year of the Dragon, Moneybags will revert to his standard, salesman-type talking animation in this homeworld, making him appear to not be exhausted after chasing him down.


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