Misty Bog (ブロークン パレス 4-2; Broken Palace 4-2) is a Realm that appears in the Beast Makers Homeworld.


A swamp with a similar look to the Beast Makers homeworld, though much brighter. The entire realm is swathed in a light green mist making it hard to see things in the distance, hence its English name. The landscape is made up of tree stumps, stone buildings, and swampy hollows. A variety of enemies are exclusive to this realm, which include Attack Frogs and Dragon-Eating Plants. The dragons who lived here before the Gnorcs trapped them claimed it was beautiful.


Misty Bog looks like a nice place to visit, considering its swamp water is a bit bluer than the Beast Makers home world has, but think again! This place is a battlefield, and Beast Maker dragon Rosco can testify to that!

There are dragon-eating plants, giant crazy boars, and attack frogs! "They’re cold-blood killers!" Rosco proclaims. The bog itself is made up of patches of solid earth with gray-green grass and mostly gigantic trees that have been chopped down to allow passage over their flat trunks. A few blue and red structures can be found here, including two small temples and various crumbling archways. The sky is a hazy gray-green, and always has a misty atmosphere about it.




Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 21 - Misty Bog

Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 21 - Misty Bog

By ZephyGameGuides



  • A less intense version of the audio track of this world is used as the music for the closing credits of all the games in the original Spyro trilogy.
  • On the cover for the game in the PAL version, Spyro appears to be in this world.
  • This level, Wild Flight, Twilight Harbour include animations where enemies splash into water when they are flamed or charged into it. Other levels don't have that.
  • The exit vortex makes no noise, unlike other vortices.
  • When releasing a dragon, the background music for the cutscene is the music from Ice Cavern.
    • This is strange, given what the placeholder music in the late demo was.
  • In the late demo, Misty Bog has Magic Crafters music, and a few locations are built differently.
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