Mole-Yair is a Manweersmall whom Spyro first meets on Munitions Forge in The Legend of Spyro series. He is the leader of  the Manweersmalls, and has a brother named Exhumor. Mole-Yair has a strong French accent and sports a hat topped with a candle.


The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Spyro met Mole-Yair on Munitions Forge, and he made a deal with the purple dragon: If Spyro frees the other Manweersmalls from under the enslavement of the Cynder's forces, he will tell Spyro where Terrador is being kept. Mole-Yair then directed Spyro to his brother, Exhumor, who told Spyro where to go to find Terrador. After saving the Manweersmalls and meeting Exhumor, Mole-Yair and Exhumor then led the Manweersmalls underground to safety when the volcano,Boyzitbig, was nearing its eruption.

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

Mole-Yair was found on the Pirate Ship, in which a small group of Manweersmalls were captured by the Skavengers. Since they weren't made for fighting in the Arena, he and his captured kin were forced to serve grog for the pirates. After the Apes began attacking the Pirates, Spyro freed Mole-Yair and the Manweersmalls, and they went their separate ways. Before they departed, Mole-Yair hoped that he and Spyro would meet again under "better circumstances".



  • Mole-Yair and Cyril have the same voice actor.
  • He does not appear in the DS version of The Eternal Night.
  • Like all moles are, Mole-Yair is blind. When he first meets Spyro, he uses his sense of smell to classify that Spyro is not "one of Cynder's beasts".
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