The Molekin are mole-like inhabitants of Skylands in the Skylanders series. Like real world moles, they are short-sighted. However they are highly intelligent creatures, making them very helpful and polite. Molekin are also naturally good with their paws and are known for being particularly skilled miners.[1]

As a friendly race, the Molekin only worked with good guys and turned down all work that came from villains everywhere. However a long time ago, the Molekin won a construction bid that covered a large portion of Skylands. This means that any and all construction that takes place in this area is done by them and no one else. So, against their wishes, the Molekin must accept work from anybody who requests it, be they good, or be they bad.[2]

Notable Molekin


  • It is mentioned in a Story Scroll that the Molekin used to have hair before they started using oil as a popular hair tonic. Unfortunately, the oil made all of their hair fall out.
  • They share a few similarities with the Monty Moles from the Super Mario series.
  • While there are female Molekin, they share exactly the same model as male Molekin (first seen in Drill-X's Big Rig).


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