Molten Mount is a large world in the Volcanic Isle homeworld in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. It is situated between Stormy Beach and Magma Falls Top. Spyro basically has to climb to the top of the volcano (which is Molten Mount itself) in order to get to the Magma Falls, the Dark Mine and Red's Laboratory. The entrance to Molten Mount is shaped like a dragon head.
Moltenmount-c art

A concept art of “Molten Mount”


Egg Locations

  • Sparx: Defeat the four Rock Monsters for Teena.
  • Sgt. Byrd: Complete Lava Palaver in Easy Mode.
  • Flame: Halfway through the Fire Zombie challenge near Sgt. Byrd.
  • Concept: Catch the Thief.
  • Ember: In a chest behind a breakable wall near the entrance to Magma Falls Top.

Dark Gem Locations

  • Near the Destroyed Village, during the Rock Monster Sidequest
  • After the Collapsed Bridge, there is a point with three exits where Zoe is. Take the left exit and you'll spot a Dark Gem.
  • Next to the entrance to Magma Falls Top

Light Gem Locations

  • In a chest next to Sgt. Byrd
  • Complete Lava Palaver in Hard Mode
  • Over a piece of stone near the Poles, just near the Collapsed Bridge
  • Across the lava pits where the Collapsed Bridge should take you. You'll need to use the cannon to break down the stones to reach it.
  • After smashing the second Dark Gem, a new area with an Invincibility Pad will be unlocked. To get the Light Gem, Headbash all the switches to rase the platforms and get to the gem before the platforms go down again
  • In a chest between the Lumber Storage and the entrance to Magma Falls Top, behind a breakable wall.





  • This is the only realm to have both the invincibility pad and and Supercharge pad.
  • This is the second realm in A Hero's Tail to feature lava/magma.