Moneybags' Mansion is an area in Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs. It is apparently the home of Moneybags, the greedy bear who has been following Spyro and Sparx since Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. In this realm, Spyro acquires the Lightning Wind ability after defeating the Butler for the final time. This realm has an Agent 9 Steatlh Mission.


Item Sparx description
Money Tree Bianca's list says this is a money tree! Must be out of season since there's no money on it! We found this growing in Moneybags' Mansion. We gave this to Bianca in return for the Heart of the Rabbit Habitat.
Digeri-doodle This is a very old parchment! There's a primitive drawing of a didgeridoo on it! We found it in a purple chest in Moneybags' Mansion. We gave this to the Sheila in return for the Heart of the Kangaroo Hoodoos.
Mini Dynamo This dynamo is small in size but can generate plenty of electricity! Moneybags gave this to us for helping him out when Butler fell on him. This gives you Lightning Wind ability, Spyro! Use SELECT to switch to it. Hold the B Button to charge it up, then release it to unleash a storm!
Heart of Moneybags Mansion It looks like a shiny bar of gold with Moneybags' grinning face engraved on it, but it's not heavy like gold! We paid that greedy Moneybags a whopping 3500 gems to buy this thing! We gave this to the Professor so he could seal the warp hole.
Enormous Mountaineer's Axe This climbing pick-axe must belong to Bentley! It's huge! We found it lodged in the generator in Moneybags' Mansion. We gave this to Bentley in return for the Heart of the Yeti Serengeti.
Groovy Painting This is an abstract painting on black cloth! The colors glow in the sun! We go this out of the vault in Moneybags' Mansion. We gave this to Hunter in return for the Heart of the Cheetah Spot Spa.
Victory Medal This medal is given to those penguins who consistently shine in the heat of battle! We found it in a green chest in Moneybags' Mansion. We gave this to the penguin captain in return for the Heart of the Byrd Barracks.
Half of the Purple Chest Key This is one half of what appears to be some kind of chest key. I got this from Agent 9 in Moneybags' Mansion after helping him on a mission. We have both halves of this key, so we can open purple chests now!



  • The Heart of Moneybags' Mansion is the only heart which is not attain from completing a quest.
  • This is the second realm which you attain an breath ability upgrade for Wind.
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