Monkey Monastery is a temple owned by Monkey monks, and is a realm in Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly.


Ripto sent his Riptoc army to capture the dragonflies lost in there, creating factories so that they could build turrets to destroy the Monastery. The monks couldn't fight back because they couldn't get involved with anything violent. Another dilemma is that the Riptocs have captured and frozen the Yetis (the possible protectors of the Monastery and backbone for the monks), except for Bartholomew. Soon, Spyro came along and the peace was restored to the Monastery. There's a hidden chest with a beach design on it and it needs a key, inside the chest is a dragonfly.

The Monkey Monastery is also home to the Ice Slide, where the player has to beat the clock whilst sliding past obstacles and ravines in the course. There are two rounds in this course, the second being harder than the first, and successfully completing the Ice Slide gives Spyro two dragonflies.

It is also home to the Spitfire Factories missions, where you have to destroy 20 turret factories and avoid the turrets.


There is a glitch in the turret game. It is when you get gems there. Sometimes, you could get green gems (each worth 2) in the challenge. It sometimes said that you have more than 900 gems in that level in what it says in the atlas.

Also, sometimes a glitch occurs with one of the monkeys, where his head will spin around to follow you, like an owl.


Dragonflies: 10:

  • Foamy
  • Jewelwing
  • Holly
  • Young
  • Gaku
  • Shadow
  • Damsel
  • Cuebert
  • John
  • Dancer



  • The hidden chest was originally in Luau Island, but it was removed to Monkey Monastery without changing the design on it.
  • The monkeys in this level bear a close resemblance to the original version of Agent 9.
  • The dragonfly Cueburt has the same name as Q*bert from the Q*bert series.
  • Every yeti besides Bartholomew in this level resembles the Colossus Yeti.  It is possible that the Colossus Yeti is the leader of the Sasquatch Six, and the other five are not guilty without his instructions.
  • The fodder in this level are the same from Midday Gardens and Bentley's Outpost in Spyro: Year of the Dragon.
  • The elephant enemy AI return from Frozen Altars in Spyro: Year of the Dragon.
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