Monkey Monks were the inhabitants fo the Monkey Monastery. They were very peaceful and concentrated on medtitating. Like traditional Monks, they lived in secret, isolated in a high mountain. When their home was taken over by Riptocs, they refused to fight and asked Spyro to help instead. Something that doesn't go with their peaceful nature is that they did have a cannon although they claimed it was only for shooting confetti at parties.

The Monkeys were very smart and had some technology. They could fly by using blimps. For entertainment, they would slide with the penguins or play with the Yetis.


  • The monkeys are similar to Agent 9 in character design.
  • When the Monkeys are left alone, they pray with the same chant as the Monks from Colossus from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! which are also characters that return in this game.
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