Neema is a cheetah in Spyro: Shadow Legacy who lives in the Savannah. According to Hunter the Cheetah, she could talk anyone's ears off if they let her. She seemed to be very fond of Hunter.


When the Calamity struck and sent everyone into the Shadow Realm, Akello fell ill and lost his eyesight. Kasi took charge and blamed Spyro for their troubles, sending him to jail along with Hunter for siding with him. When Spyro managed to escape, Hunter sent him to get Neema to distract Kasi while Spyro gave Hunter's letter to his father Akello. Neema asked for one of Hunter's arrows to confirm that the purple dragon was telling the truth.

Neema also climbed up on a high platform because she wanted to see what Hunter's house looked like from there, but couldn't get down. She tasked Spyro with finding a way to get her down.