“Gnasty Gnorc has put one of his most devious henchmen in charge of the Artisan world.”
“Bring him on! I think I smell a barbecue!”
“Be careful Spyro! This boss/Toasty has many tricks up his sleeve.”

Nevin (ネビン=グリマーチョ Nebin in Japanese) is a dragon who appears in the level Toasty. He tells Spyro to watch out for Toasty, as he has many tricks up his sleeve.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Nevin has the apparel of a painter, and as such, wears a beret and carries a brush and colour palette. He also has small black stubble. Nevin is also the owner of the castle the level takes place in, and has filled it with portraits of himself, the places he visited, and of his friends.



  • In the original game, Nevin had the same character model as Devlin, Gavin, Alban.
  • In the late demo, Nevin's dialogue is different to the final: Good luck defeating this boss. He has some tricks up his sleeve.
    • Nevin's dialogue has also changed in the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. He refers to Toasty by name, instead of "this boss".
  • Nevin's Reignited design was originally intended for Delbin.[2]


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