The Ninja Rhynocs are Rhynocs that appear as enemies in Fireworks Factory, a realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. They attack by spinning their staffs or performing backflips to avoid Spyro's flame breath. However, they can still be defeated by either flame or charge.

There are two types: one wielding a staff, and one with a red colored gun. The ones with staffs make a sound like a girl "Bree-a-wo!" when defeated, while the ones with guns make a sound more like "Bre-he-he-he-he!" The ninjas with staffs jump out of Ninja boxes. The only way to make sure they don't come back is to crush these boxes by charging them.

Ninja Rhynocs also come down from ceilings or other high places. Ones that fall from these places are resupplied by Ninja boxes. They appear in two of the bonus areas.

The old ninjas have a pinkish skin, while the new ones have dark grey skin. Plus, in a picture a ninja rhynoc was shown wielding a pair of curved swords; however, the ninjas didn't originally wield any swords before.


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