The Ninja Rhynocs are Rhynocs that appear in Fireworks Factory, a realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. There are two varieties: Ninjas wielding staffs, and Ninjas carrying guns. Both varieties be defeated by either flame or charge.

Staff Ninjas

Staff Ninjas are the most common enemy seen throughout the level. They attack by spinning their staffs at Spyro or performing backflips to avoid his flame breath. As an extra measure, they can also jump extremely high if they dodge Spyro's flames twice.

Staff Ninjas can be seen clinging onto ceilings or perched on top of roofs and will jump down to ambush Spyro if he is within their range. In the first stage of the level, the first 6 Ninjas seen emerge from boxes and will continue re-spawning (even if Spyro defeats them) until Spyro destroys the boxes by charging them, which can only be reached in the final stages of the level.

Gun Ninjas

Gun Ninjas are the least common out of the two Ninja varieties. Unlike their staff-wielding counterparts, these Ninjas are mostly stationary and will fire their guns repeatedly at Spyro from right to left before reloading if they see him within their firing range (in the area where Agent 9 is playable, they fire only one shot at a time). They do not perform backflips when flamed, making them easier and quicker to deal with.

Several other differences can be distinguished: in addition to carrying a weapon different from the Staff Ninjas, the Gun Ninja's outfit and skin color are slightly darker and more saturated. He also makes a shuddering howl upon defeat ("Bre-he-he-he-he!"), in contrast to the Staff Ninja's standard howl ("Bree-a-wo!"). The Gun Ninjas also do not emerge from the Ninja Boxes in the Spyro-playable areas; but in the Agent 9-playable area, wherein they do emerge from boxes, they are seen running in midair as they jump, while the Staff Ninjas clearly make a jumping pose upon emerging. (These differences only apply in the original game.)

In Reignited, the Gun Ninja wields a tanegashima (matchlock rifle) that fires firecrackers as opposed to the steel bazooka he carries in the original.


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