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Ninjini is a retired Giant Skylander in Season 2 of the Skylanders Academy television series.



Ninjini is absentminded and has a short attention span, trying to occupy her immense free time after retirement with games, music and cooking. However, she is afraid of having lost her touch when it comes to her fighting ability and wisdom, taking a lot of convincing to train Stealth Elf as well as standing up for herself to be free from her genie bottle.


Ninjini is skilled in the ninja arts as well as magic, being able to summon her Wishblades from thin air, conjure magical orbs, and using her agility and strength to take down foes. When summoned into her genie bottle, Ninjini is bound to it unless she resists its hold through her own willpower, and has the ability to warp reality for the three wishes of the bottle's owner, as well as using the Bottle Blast to push back opponents once their wishes are up.


Long before the events of the show, Ninjini freed herself from her bottle, but unlike her game counterpart, ran away from it in fear of being bound to its power again. After an unknown amount of time as a Skylander, Ninjini retired and started a quiet life in the Falling Forest, with her location unknown to most people.

Season 2

Ninjini first appears in I Dream of Ninjini, as Master Eon advises Stealth Elf to look after a ninja master in the Falling Forest to defeat Berserker. Arriving at her destination, Stealth Elf calls for the ninja master who reveals itself to be Ninjini, at first arriving with a threatening tone only to cough out a more friendly greeting.


Stealth Elf

Ninjini sees much of her younger self in the elf, though she doesn't feel deserving of her praise. Though the younger ninja's insistence, Ninjini learns to appreciate her time as a Skylander and that retirement isn't an excuse to abandon her willpower and shape, and after training Stealth Elf, she entrusts her with the genie bottle for times of need - as long as they are still within business hours.




  • Despite being the tallest Giant in the games, Ninjini's model is significantly shorter in the show. During her first appearance, she points fun at the change, saying that photos "make you ten feet taller."
    • She also has a slight change to her design, as her gauntlets end in dark purple gloves, not unlike Hex's redesigned gauntlets, with a red seam.
  • Ninjini's bottle is briefly seen in the Relics Room in Skylanders Unite!. However, in her first appearance, it is among Chompy Mage's possessions.
  • Ninjini shares a voice actress with Chill and Sprocket, and in the game canon, Smolderdash. In some instances, she is also credited as Grey DeLisle.
    • Coincidentally, all characters are the first female Skylanders of their respective elements.
  • Oddly, Ninjini lives either underground or inside a small stump in the Falling Forest, because as seen in a bird's eye view, her home is at the edge of the island.


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