“Hello, I am Occulous. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a giant eyeball.”

Occulous is a monster with a giant eyeball and the main antagonist of Darklight Crypt in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.


At first, Occulous appears to be a friendly eyeball, and will warmly introduce himself to the Skylander, whom Occulous immediately sees that they're not ghosts yet in the Ghost World. However, the residential ghosts soon reveal his true nature. Occulous is cruel and tyrannical towards his fellow Undead in the Crypt. For reasons unknown, he outlawed pies despite the Ghosts' love of it, forcing the citizens to hunt for the brains of the living instead. The Skylanders Annual 2013 implies that his attitude is caused by none of his subjects making glasses for his short-sightedness, causing him to constantly be hurt by bumping into things.


Occulous' only method of attack is firing a laser from his eye. He also has the ability to summon Stump Demons.


Occulous first introduced himself to the Skylander upon their arrival in the Darklight Crypt. He immediately saw that they were not ghosts in the Ghost World, but allowed them to roam through the realm while surveying their progress. When the Skylander reached the Haunted Village, Occulous revealed a different side to his personality by attempting to command the residential ghosts to feast upon their brains. However, the ghosts instead revealed the eyeball's true nature to the Skylander: Occulous crowned himself King of the Crypt, outlawing pies from the residential Ghosts and forcing them to do evil things to the Living.

As the Skylander confronted Occulous, the evil eyeball engaged them in battle. Occulous was soon defeated by the Skylander, who was aided by one of the Ghosts named Gallant, and the eyeball was knocked out, disappearing into the unknown abyss of his lair.

Boss Battle

When the Skylanders finally confront Occulous, they need to go into the Ghost World using the Spectral Shifting Platform. There, Gallant will explain to the Skylander on how to defeat Occulous. The Skylander will need to bring Occulous' true form into the real world using the purple activator located on the other side of the arena. When activated, both Occulous and the Skylander will return to the real world, where he will send evil trees after them. However, it also makes him vulnerable to the cannons surrounding him and firing one into his eye will inflict damage. After Occulous is hit, he will fire a laser from his eye, destroying the cannon and chasing the Skylander. When Occulous stops his laser fire, he will go back into the Ghost World and the Skylander will have to repeat the process. After 3 hits, he will be defeated and Gallant will invite the Skylander for pie when spoken to, thus ending the chapter.


  • "So you made it through my maze, huh? Well I guess it's time I get my tentacles dirty."
  • "How did you do that?! No matter, I will still get you!"
  • "Ahahao! Stop that!!"
  • "Why are you helping him, my ghostly subject?! As your king, I order you to stop!"
  • "Yes! Yes! Run away, little creature!"
  • "Hey, that hurt! Alright! No more Mr. Nice Eye!"
  • "Okay, okay, let's agree to disagree here. If you stop fighting, I will too."
  • "I think it's time I introduce you to my Stump Demons."
  • "Those cannonballs can't hurt me! Like all giant eyeballs, my true form is in Ghost World!"
  • "Time to bring out the big guns!"
  • "I will turn you into ghost dust, which is worse than regular dust by the way!"



  • In the Wii version of Spyro's Adventure (and in Skylanders: Giants), the boss fight between Occulous has the music from the Battle Arena, The Necropolis.
    • Occulous also appears in the intro of the Necropolis arena.
  • Occulous is incredibly short-sighted.[1]


  1. Skylanders Annual 2013, page 20
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