Orcs are the backbone of Malefor's army in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. They wield axes, which they use to attack and block Spyro and Cynder's attacks and push them back. They can be disarmed by Spyro's Electricity or Cynder's Wind element to strike the axe away, leaving the Orc defenseless until it retrieves its axe or gets another.

Orcs can also leap into the air and strike Spyro and Cynder out of the sky with their axes if left unattended. They are reproduced in mass numbers as Grublins are, but in pairs or single per spell.

There are two types of Orcs; regular shock troops and red armored commandos which lead lesser soldiers, even trolls into battle. Commandos normally act in elite special operations teams like the one that attacks Spyro and Cynder while they fight the Golem.


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