—Ling Ling

The Pandas are the residents of Bamboo Terrace. They have soft, high pitched voices, and a seemingly gentle demeanor. One known Panda, Sing Sing, will help build the Whirligig back at Midday Gardens.

The pandas collect bamboo, which they use to construct the Whirligig, and presumably eat as well. They live in small Asian style huts surrounding a river. They enlist Spyro's help to defend them from the Rhynocs as they climb to their homes, their gentle reasoning having been wasted on the Rhynocs. The Rhynocs are seen bullying the pandas in the beginning of the level as well, and will help Spyro push a large rock out of the path.

After clearing most of Bamboo Terrance, Spyro is rewarded with an egg, and before departing for the Whirligig, Sing Sing lowers the emergency bridge, granting access to an activity portal as well as a Thief with an egg.

List of Pandas


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