“Hello extremely! So much fun that the Skylanders are back!”

Persephone is a fairy in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure who helps the Skylanders upgrade their abilities in a process she refers to as "dancing." It is revealed in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Swap Force that Persephone is the Fairy Queen.


Being extremely playful, she takes a flowerchild approach to life, calling the rebuilding of the Core of Light a "play-quest." It is mentioned that she is immune to Flynn's flirting.


Using the power of her station, Persephone can grant the Skylanders new upgrades and abilities.


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Persephone first appeared in Sky Schooner Docks, fleeing whenever the Skylanders approached until they reached the end of a dock she was in. The fairy happily greeted the returning Skylander and introduced herself, but an incoming Drow ship interrupted the conversation, prompting Persephone to return to the Ruins and wished the Skylanders good luck.

Once back at the Ruins, Persephone volunteered to help the Skylanders on their adventure by upgrading their abilities. She also appeared at the party held at the end of the game encouraging you to upgrade all of the Skylanders.

Skylanders Issue #7

Persephone helped Spyro and Hex to discover the cause of the loss of their powers, and finds out they were stolen by another fairy, Calliope.

Skylanders Issue #9

During Malefor's attack on the Skylanders Academy, Persephone spotted Calliope hiding amist the crowd of spectators and scolded her for allowing Malefor to return. The Fairy Queen then persuaded Calliope that it wasn't too late to do the right thing, which resulted in Calliope aiding the Skylanders to defeat Malefor.

To see more of Persephone's involvement in the Skylanders series, go to his page on the Skylanders Wikia.



  • She is named after Persephone, the Greek goddess of flowers.
  • Every time you buy an upgrade for your Skylander, she will give you one coin (except in Giants).
  • Persephone's speech habits are similar to the Orz race from Star Control, one of the first games that Toys For Bob worked on.

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