Pirate Seas is an adventure level in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, available only in the Pirate Seas Adventure Pack along with the Earth Skylander, Terrafin.

In the Wii version, once Kaos has been defeated, a Gillman with a pirate card minigame will appear next to the ship in the Ruins the deck that you play will be random but the reward for the first time is 100 treasure after that it is always 10 treasure.


Jess LeGrand came to the Ruins seeking the help of a Skylander to free her home of Coconut Island which is under occupation of a group of pirates lead by Captain Dreadbeard. A Skylander went with Jess to free the island, where the Skylander was informed that the Pirates love cards and would take any opportunity to show off their ability to play, or rather cheat, including the promise of freedom for the Mabu.

By playing and beating the pirates, physically and in cards, the Skylander was able to push the Pirates off of Coconut island but at a price: the Pirates have already plundered the island for all its worth and Captain Dreadbeard has taken Jess hostage. Using a cannon, the Skylander was able to incapacitate the ships for taking back the treasure.

Next the Ship Master took the Skylander to Plunder Island but the Pirate fortress is heavily guarded, resulting in sea to land battle. Once all the defenses on the island are destroyed, the Skylander played Captain Dreadbeard in a final card game for Jess, which the Skylander wins, Dreadbeard allowed Jess and the Skylander go but warned that he would be back someday.


The Pirate Seas are home to several small islands.

Coconut Islands (Console)

Home of the largest Mabu population in the Pirate Seas.

Plunder Island (Console)

Home of Captain Dreadbeard and his Seadog Pirates.

Pirate Grotto (Console)

A PvP arena that is unlocked when the figure is first placed on the Portal of Power.

Windjammer Bay (3DS)

This chain of islands may have been inhabited once, but it's now home to nothing but pirates.

Pontoon Point (3DS)

A small port that's under attack by pirates. Avoid the sinking pontoons to survive.



Toy Figure Items

The adventure pack comes with three toy figure items. To use an item, simply place it on the Portal of Power in the same way you would a Skylander. Only one item can be active at the same time.

  • Pirate Ship
When used in the Ruins, the ship grants acces to the Pirate Seas chapter.
When used during a chapter, the Pirate Ship unleashes a barrage of cannonballs at everything on the screen. It deals 999 damage to all enemies and can only be used once per chapter.
  • Ghost Pirate Swords
"Invisible pirate ghosts now fight at your side."
When used, the item spawns two Ghost Swords that attack nearby enemies. They last for about 45 seconds and can be used once per chapter. The swords deal 4 damage per attack.
  • Hidden Treasure
"You can now find the special hidden dragon treasure."
The Hidden Treasure adds a radar to the screen which displays 3 circles. The closer the treasure is, the more circles will appear. When the chest is really close, it will make a sound and then pop up from the ground.

  • Pirate Ship
When used in the Sanctuary, the gate that leads to the Pirate Seas is opened.
  • Ghost Pirate Swords
The Ghost Swords will strengthen every attack your Skylanders perform while the magic is active. Press R to spend 10 Radiance and use the Ghost Swords.
  • Hidden Treasure
The Hidden Treasure will draw Radiance towards your Skylanders, making it easier to collect. Press R to spend 10 Radiance and use the Hidden Treasure.

When used, the items are added to the collection. Apart from unlocking a 200 gold reward trophy, they don't do anything special.



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