This article is about the pirate enemies from the Skylanders series. You may be looking for the pirates from the Legend of Spyro series.

Pirates are a group of antagonistic creatures in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. They range far and wide across the seas of Skylands. The most villainous and scurviest of all pirates is Captain Dreadbeard.


The Pirates played a role in kidnapping the mermaid girlfriend of the Skylander, Gill Grunt, who eventually rescued his girlfriend from the rogues.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Pirates inhabit a coastal bay called Dark Water Cove, where they had held the Twin Spouts of Ocea-Major Minor, until the Skylander breached through the cove and retrieved it. Upon hearing about the statues in the Leviathan Lagoon, the Pirates landed in the islands to find them, but were thwarted by the Skylander.

In Pirate Seas, Captain Dreadbeard and his gang of pirates laid siege on Plunder Island, taking the residents captive after forcing them to play their card games and succeeded in stealing the town's treasure. However, they were thrawted by the Skylander.


Card Games

The Pirates on Plunder Island play card games as it is more of a traditional game, and the pirates fancy themselves as "old-schoolers".[1]


Other Pirates look down on the more modern breed of pirates who play Skystones and buy carnivals and have forgotten the classic of pirate life: pillaging, hornswoggling, scallywaggery, and of course, Pirate Cards.[1]

List of known Pirate Characters

List of Pirate Enemies


  • Pirates hold an annual sea shanty talent contest, but it always ends in an argument, so no one has ever actually won.[2]
  • Pirate beards are so dense that they can be used to store a prawn lunch for several weeks before it begins to go bad.[3]
  • The biggest pirate booty ever recorded included 6,004 jewels, twenty-three gems, an entire wardrobe of gold-lined trousers, and a fish trumpet.[3]


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