The Poison symbol

Poison is an element acquired by Cynder in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.


The symbol of Poison looks like three bright, sickly green droplets, the largest in the middle, close to the right, the others next to it on opposite sides. If Cynder spits poison at her enemies, they will not die immediately but will die the second time a dragon attacks it. If an enemy is near another enemy when poisoned, the enemy next to it will become poisoned and, like the other one, sure to die the next hit. (Note: The vulnerability does not increase on bosses or Elite Enemies).


Primary Poison

  • Venom: Cynder can unleash her poison element by spitting a boiling green glob of lethal venom onto her foes.
  • Toxic Venom
  • Lethal Venom

Secondary Poison

  • Scorpion strike: Cynder can unleash her element by spinning into her enemies while covered in lethal poison, cutting into her enemies with her deadly payload of venom.
  • Toxic Scorpion Strike
  • Lethal Scorpion Strike



  • According to lead concept artist Jared Pullen, dragons of the Poison, Shadow and Fear elements exist, but the elements come from a different, darker entity instead of the light entity that created the other elements (Fire, Electricity, Ice, Earth and Wind).[1]
  • Poison's use as a basic attack that deals damage over time is similar to Spyro's Fire breath.
  • The concept of Poison is very simple and the main attack is identical to how a snake spits a glob of acidic liquid/Venom. However, Cynder can expand that trait to cover herself with the second attack.


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