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The Portal Masters are powerful beings who protected Skylands and its Core of Light along with the Skylanders in the Skylanders series. It is also the title of the players from Earth (in other words, the person who's playing Skylanders) who take on the role of the Portal Master to control over 30 different Skylanders, including Spyro.


It is the duty of the Portal Master to decide the fate of Skylands. According to a Story Scroll, neither royal blood nor a sea of gold can make anyone a Portal Master. Either they are lucky enough to be born with the power to wield a Portal or they are not. The number of Portal Masters rises and falls over the years, leading some to believe that Portal Masters will simply appear when they're needed the most. The bonds between the Skylanders and their Portal Masters are unbreakable.

Portal Masters are highly revered, as evident in some of the inhabitants, including Hugo and Fargus, calling the new Portal Master "Great One."

However, while there are good Portal Masters, there are also evil ones. With the help of The Darkness, Dark Portal Masters use their evil magic to spread darkness and havoc across Skylands, even summoning the most sinister of creatures to carry out their plans.


Portal Masters have great control over Portals of Power, allowing them to teleport other beings and objects, as well as using them to view events or far-away areas. They can also teleport themselves at the risk of being electrocuted. Portal Masters are born with powerful magic, as Kaos was able to bring the Wilikins to life with his magic at a very young age; a sign that he was indeed a Portal Master. Portal Masters can even use time spells, which they can use to alter the age of people or objects, as Master Eon used this spell to age a block of ice until it melted, and in Trap Team, Kaos was used by Wolfgang to travel 10,000 years into the future; this applies even to Earth Portal Masters such as Bruno.

In Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, it is mentioned that the Portal Masters' magical abilities bring the Skylanders' powers to their full potential, making the wizards an essential tool for the group even without active Portals. Portal Masters also have the ability to concentrate their power into elemental Cubes, making magic reserves for future generations of sorcerers. Some Portal Masters also develop special magic of their own, though their abilities are mostly passive.



The Portal Masters are the wisest and most powerful beings who have been protecting Skylands from The Darkness for centuries. There was a time, however, where it was summoned from the depths of a Spell Punk fortress, and the Portal Masters and their Skylanders almost lost the battle until the Core of Light, created by the Ancients, was rediscovered. Despite its defeat, the Darkness bestowed its power upon certain people with aptitude for Portal magic and corrupted them with dark thoughts, turning them into Dark Portal Masters.

However, the Nightmare King, Nefarion, came to power at some point. With the Mask of Power in his possession, Nefarion terrorized Skylands for hundreds of years and hunted down the Portal Masters one by one. The Portal Masters were on the brink of extinction, until Nefarion was eventually defeated by one of the last remaining Portal Masters, Wizbit, who froze the Nightmare King in his own castle in eternal winter.

Years later, Master Eon, the last of the good Portal Masters, and his Skylanders protected the Core of Light that kept The Darkness at bay, but Eon grew weaker with age.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

A sinister Portal Master named Kaos wanted to use his evil powers and the Darkness to take over Skylands. After destroying the Core of Light, Kaos banished all the Skylanders from Skylands into our world, turning them into toys, and it's up to the new Portal Master (the player) and the Skylanders to stop him and save Skylands from disaster. Master Eon survived the destruction of the Core of Light, but became a spirit. The new Portal Master was then chosen to save the Skylands from Kaos.

Known Portal Masters



  • Though Skylanders are generally shown to treat their Portal Masters with utmost respect, in Skylanders: Battlecast, they'll scold and even threaten their Battlecasters with violence should they harass the Skylander by poking. In Ring of Heroes, they have a more casual attitude towards the Earth Portal Masters, even joking about using their powers on them before clarifying their heroic disposition.
  • In the book about the Hydra in the Spell Punk Library, it was stated that Dark Portal Masters keep a menagerie of various evil beasts and creatures, their favorite being the titular monster.
  • Portal Masters may have slowed aging, as Portal Masters such as Master Eon were also alive before the SWAP Force were banished, which was one hundred years ago.
  • The lore about Portal Masters does not apply to the Skylanders Academy TV show; instead, any creature can activate magitek portals to set locations under the right conditions, and the origin story of the Skylanders is much different. Oddly, they are still mentioned in Season 2, implying they had a hand in the creation of the devices.
  • Eugenie and George in Ring of Heroes wear a sash bearing the Elemental symbols, just like Master Eon.
    • Additionally, when they are initally dragged into Skylands, George is wearing typical Earth clothing, but at the character selection stage, all characters used to don outfits that have a more ancient look to them.
    • Also, all four Earth Portal Masters have five fingers on each of their hands instead of four.
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