“Hi, Spyro! Isn't Prince Azrael just the dreamiest?”
    —Princess Ami

Princess Ami is a fairy princess in Charmed Ridge who had been sought by Prince Azrael of Felinia, and the leader of the Cat Wizards, leading to a war. However, both Azrael and Ami were secretly and truly in love.


When Spyro, with the help of several fairies, got through the last gate inside Charmed Ridge's Royal Castle and reached to an area with an exit portal where Prince Azrael and Princess Ami were, Ami explained everything to Spyro and gave him a dragon egg so that he wouldn't tell anyone where they went. The couple then drove off on a motorbike into the sunset.

Later, Ami briefly visited Evening Lake in order to assist in the construction of the rocket to take Spyro to Midnight Mountain. She also took Zoe to Starfish Reef and informed her of the hidden egg.

According to the epilogue of the original game, Princess Ami and Zoe competed against one another for the affections of Sparx the Dragonfly.



  • When Princess Ami gives the dragon egg to Spyro, she suddenly "freezes" and she's like a statue for a moment.
  • Ami and Azrael share similarities with Romeo and Juliet of Zephyr; they are both of two different creatures, their home worlds are at war, and your objective is to find one member of the couple.
    • Their forbidden love is also similar to the one shared by Edward and Anna in Final Fantasy IV. Both ran off to elope back at the Kingdom of Damcyan (as Anna's father, Tellah, refuses to let them marry), but the castle is suddenly attacked by the Red Wings, and Anna is murdered.
  • In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Princess Ami's accent is changed to match the other fairies of Charmed Ridge.
  • She shares her name with the Trophy girl from the Crash Bandicoot series.
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