The Professor's Secret Lab is one of the levels in Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs. The Professor brought Spyro and Sparx to test two new machines he had created. The first one lets Spyro see what Ripto is doing and the other is a robot butler that the Professor created (which malfunctions shortly after he shows it).

After Spyro defeats the robot butler, the first machine starts to fail as well, and creates a portal which Ripto comes out of. Ripto then starts releasing his Riptocs everywhere in the Dragon Realms. Meanwhile the Professor gives Spyro the lab's heart and then he gets teleported out of the lab. Later Spyro is able to return to the lab by using his Electric breath, which gets Spyro farther into the game. Not only was he able to go through the portal that Ripto got out of (which leads to the final area of the game) but Spyro can go through a door that leads to a much larger part of the lab which is basically a small level (in which you can save a baby dragon for the dragon back at Dragon Shores).

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