This article is about the dragon breed from the Skylanders series. You may be looking for the breed from Spyro: Shadow Legacy, or their Legend counterpart.

Purple Dragons are a rare and magical species of Dragon in the Skylanders series that came from a faraway land few have ever traveled.


Spyro and Malefor are currently the only Purple Dragons shown in the series.


Purple Dragons share the same qualities as their Legend of Spyro counterpart, holding the ability to harness the power of more than one Element from Skylands. Because of this, Purple Dragons are associated with element of Magic, which is the most essential of all other Elements.

Unfortunately this power can leave Purple Dragons vulnerable to the influence of dark magic, which can cause them to become corrupted by it. If a Purple Dragon learns to master the darkness seeking to control them, they can harness it and combine its power with their own. A prime example of this trait is Spyro learning to tame the dark magic within him to become Dark Spyro, a black-scaled dragon, and using this dark side to fight for good. However it requires careful control and a brave heart to prevent a Purple Dragon from being consumed by the darkness.

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