Quicksilver Vault is a Magic elemental level in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. It is a large vault that contains the Quicksilver, a component needed to rebuild the Core of Light.


  • Unlock the gate to the vault
  • Activate the vault beams
  • Find the vial of Quicksilver

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Skeleton Gate
  • Main Gate
  • Dimensional Rifts
  • The Scion of Earth
  • The Grand Ballroom

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Rollerskates

Soul Gem


  • Unicorn Hat - +12 Critical Hit +12 Armor


  • This level has a strange environment, not easily seen because of the game's camera. The Vault appears to be over a glowing lake under the night sky, being one of the few levels with a visible moon, but at the edges strange mist and differently-colored water curves from the sky into the surface.



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