Rabbit Habitat is a realm in Spyro: Attack of the Rhynocs, home to rabbit magicians. The level can be accessed from the Dragon Coast Region of Dragon Shores. It cannot be accessed until the Yeti Lamp is collected from Douglas in Yeti Serengeti as it would allow Spyro to explore dark cave systems. This realm is notable for giving Spyro the upgraded Wind Breath ability after helping Uncle O' Hare put himself back together after a magic trick gone wrong.

Once Spyro acquires the Magic Spinning Top, he will be able to use the wind breath as an attack to not only harm Rhynocs, but to distract the moles in the hats to use them as trampolines to reach higher places in the level. This is the first realm to introduce this mechanic and it would be later used in Chateau Ripto. Bianca can be encountered here, as she needs help opening a box that contains the Heart of Rabbit Habitat.


From exiting the Rabbit Hole and reaching the Land of Wonder and Amazement, Rabbit Habitat area appears to be brightly lit and full of coloured lights and blue flooring. As for the asethetic, the level is akin to what one would find in a magician set, which the playing cards of hearts, clubs and spades are stacked against the walls of the interior and pink, yellow or green ballons are tied to the ground. The upper platforms are drapped in a coloured fabric with some consisting of carrots, used magic wands and playing diamond cards on the floors. Sometimes, patches of gray fabric in the middle of the platform. The moles that are in the hats are usually unbothered and the hats can be charged to pushed them in the general direction. However, they can be pushed beyond the coloured lights which act as barriers.

The pillar consist of oversized carrots surrounded by coloured lights. In this level, it's generally surrounded by yellow water. However, when you reach the area which Bianca is residing, it presents itself with different interior. Her area, has a purple flooring with pink patches of fabric on them. As well as the barriers for the area, consists of blue and pink drawing pins. In addition, it has a stair of giant wands leading up to an higher platform reaching Bianca.


Item Sparx description
Another Left Climbing Shoe This is one of Bentley's shoes. I knew he was clumsy, but... two left feet? We found it in a purple chest in the Rabbit Habitat. We gave this to Bentley in return for the Heart of the Yeti Serengeti.
Magic Spinning Top It's a spinning top with magical properties! It powers up your Wind ability! Uncle O'Hare gave this to us for reuniting both his top and bottom halves in the Rabbit Habitat. This gives you the Tornado Wind ability, Spyro! Use SELECT to switch to it and press the B Button to use it!
Heart of the Rabbit Habitat This is a small top hat made of bronze. It has intricate carvings on it and feels a bit heavier than if should! Bianca got this for us after we found the plants she needed to unseal its container. We gave this to the Professor so he could seal the warp hole.
Master's Stethoscope This is a very finely crafted stethoscope! It has the initials 'M.T' engraved on it! We found this in Moneybags' vault in the Rabbit Habitat. Why would he want this? We gave this to the Master Thief in return for the Heart of the Thieves' Guild.
Hero's Heart Medal This medal is awarded to penguins for outstanding heroism! Mo the monkey gave this to us for clobbering all the Rhynocs in a cave in the Rabbit Habitat. We gave this to the penguin captain in return for the Heart of the Byrd Barracks.
Big Left Climbing Shoe This is one of Bentley's shoes. It's big and soft, kind of like Bentley himself! We found it inside a red chest in the Rabbit Habitat. We gave this to Bentley in return for the Heart of the Yeti Serengeti.
Sup-R-Smart Sorting Module This device has several storage niches in it. I guess it's used for putting items in order! We found it inside a red chest in the Rabbit Habitat. We gave this to the fairy librarian in return for the Heart of the Fairy Library.
Yellow Dye #5 This is a coloring agent for giving bananas that extra bit of yellow goodness! We found this in a yellow chest in the Rabbit Habitat. We gave this to the monkey worker in return for the Heart of the Banana Savannah.



  • It's the one of the few levels along with Thieves' Guild which require the Yeti Lamp to access the level. As it contains a cave area.
  • Due to the upgraded wind breath, this is first level in which it becomes useful.
  • It's one of the level that you acquire an upgrade for your breah abilities. In this case, being wind. Meanwhile, you can get an upgraded Fire Breath in Banana Savannah and upgraded Ice Breath in Byrd Barracks.
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