This article is about the character from original Spyro the Dragon game. You may be looking for the character from Spyro: Shadow Legacy.
“You've done well, Spyro. Some dragons thought you weren't ready, but I knew they were wrong.”

Ragnar (ラドル=バトノマール Radoru in Japanese) is a dragon found in the Ice Cavern realm in Spyro the Dragon.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, he has armour around his arms and a necklace, including a small club attached to his tail. He also has a bright magenta color, with a yellow underbelly. Steam can be seen coming from his nostrils.


  • In the late demo of the original game, Ragnar is just text.
  • His Reignited design looks similar to Andor's.
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