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Ramses is the Dragon King of Dragon's Peak in the console versions of the Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. He is the brother of Vathek, an evil Undead dragon.


Ramses is a great leader of Dragon's Peak, as well as the most qualified, maintaining order and balance in the lands. Although he is old, the elder dragon is very wise.



Ramses is the greatest leader Dragon's Peak has ever known, having ruled the lands for centuries with peace and harmony. He was the first (and quickest) to sit on the Dragon's Throne when the Dragons' political system became too complicated, becoming the most qualified to lead.[1] While governing the Peak as king, Ramses kept a watchful eye on his evil brother Vathek; a horrible dragon whom some fear may one day try to steal the Dragon Throne to rule as king.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

One day, the dragon knight, Flavius, convinced an aged Ramses to go flying with him. However, while they did, Vathek sat on the Dragon's Throne, in which by Dragon law that he who sits on the throne becomes ruler of all of Dragon's Peak. Ramses was then cursed by Vathek, and the elder dragon was turned to stone as a result. The Skylander was soon brought to Dragon's Peak by Flavius to rid the islands from Vathek's rule and save Ramses. The heroes defeated the minions guarding Ramses's stone form, and the Dragon King awakened from the spell. He told the Skylander on how to reach Vathek and stayed behind due to the curse leaving him far too weak to fly.

After Vathek was turned to stone by Flavius, Ramses returned to his position as king of Dragon's Peak and sadly pondered on what to do with his evil brother, at first suggesting banishment. Flavius mentioned that Vathek's stone form makes a 'good statue' and Ramses agreed, before asking Flavius why he didn't keep the Dragon Throne for himself when the dragon knight had the chance. Flavius answered that Ramses himself is the only true king of Dragon's Peak until the day he decides he is done with the Dragon Throne. Moved by Flavius's loyalty, Ramses mentioned that when that day when he is done with the Throne, he knows exactly who would take his place as King.



  • Ramses, while moved by Flavius's loyalty to him, says to Flavius that when he is done with the Dragon's Throne, he knows exactly who will take his place as King of Dragon's Peak. This hints that Ramses will crown Flavius as the next King in the future.
  • He bears a resemblance to Old One Horn, a character from the original Spyro series in Spyro: Shadow Legacy.
    • Both Ramses and Old One Horn have a portion of their right horns chipped off and have white beards.
  • Ramses's role in the Dragon's Peak level is similar to Mufasa from Disney's The Lion King while Vathek's role is similar to Scar.
  • Ramses's name is a reference to King Ramses of Egypt.


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