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“What? Defeated by that little twerp Spyro? He is only a dragon whelp!”

Red is a fallen Dragon Elder and the main antagonist of Spyro: A Hero's Tail. He later appeared as the secondary antagonist of Spyro: Shadow Legacy.


Red was introduced as a power-hungry dragon who seeks to take over the world using Dark Gems that fuel his evil power. During his quest for world domination, Red showed zero tolerance for failure and would not hesitate to kill any minion for bringing him bad news. His evil and lust for power was not of his own choice however, as it was revealed that Red had been brainwashed by an evil mage called the Sorcerer. Warped by the Sorcerer's thrall, Red was driven mad with anger and delusions of power that got the better of his judgment and he harmed those he has sworn to protect.

Longorin mentioned that in his past, Red was disliked by everyone and had no companions of his own.


Like other dragons, Red is able to breathe fire and fly. He also wields a staff that he uses for some of his powers. Having imprisoned an ice fairy named Freezia within his staff, Red was able to cast Blizzard attacks and use her power to create dark shields, which came along with three, large and thorny plants to guard it. Red is also a summoner, since he was able to conjure foes to fight Spyro during his boss battles (in A Hero's Tail): Critters during the first battle and Small Robo-gnorcs during the second.

While serving under the Sorcerer, Red learned a strong spell called Banish that was effective against Shadow Minions and his master.



Red was one of the Dragon Elders who was friends with Titan and Tomas, two fellow elders. However, he soon got captured by the Sorcerer and was put under his control. Brainwashed, Red gained a thirst and jealousy for power that lead him to commit terrible crimes. He notably attempted to overthrow the leader of the Order of Dragons, but was unsuccessful and exiled for his misdeeds.

Spyro: A Hero's Tail

Many years passed, and Red returned to the Dragon Realms planting around dark stones known as Dark Gems to fuel his evil power. He enlisted the help of Gnasty Gnorc and his army to help him in his mad quest for domination. Spyro and Sparx discovered that the Dragon Realms were being plunged into darkness, and teamed up with Hunter, Sgt. James Byrd, and a young mole named Blink, in order to take down Red and his unholy alliance with Gnasty Gnorc and Ineptune, an evil Mermaid who lives in the waters of the Lost Cities. The five heroes teamed up and battled their way through the homeworlds, and eventually defeated the evil dragon. However, Red escaped to the Volcanic Isle and captured the Professor, forcing him to build an army of robots to get revenge.

When Spyro and Sparx arrived for one more showdown, Red had been accidentally turned into a robot himself due to Spyro's mistake. Spyro defeated him, and the Professor shrunk Red down to a very small size, so he wouldn't be able to attack the Dragon Realms again.

Spyro: Shadow Legacy

Red in Spyro: Shadow Legacy

Spyro and Sparx were enjoying the last day of their vacation when a crackle of dark magic suddenly pulled them and all the inhabitants into a dark mirror of their world known as the Shadow Realm. Red was suspected to be the culprit behind the Calamity, having possibly escaped from his imprisonment in the Professor's Lab. To combat this new threat, Spyro learned the art of "Dragon-Kata" and the use of magic from the Dragon Elders, and set out to rescue the captured inhabitants and find the one responsible for trapping them in the Shadow Realm.

After clearing the Dragon Realms and Avalar of the shadowy influences, Spyro found Red in the Forgotten Worlds, having taken Bianca captive. After defeating Red, Bianca revealed to Spyro that Red wasn't the one behind the Calamity, but was merely a pawn placed under the control of the Sorcerer, who was responsible for all the evil things Red had done, including the events of A Hero's Tail. The Sorcerer was attempting to seize control of the world with the Shadow Realm using his Shadow Ampifiers, and used the brainwashed Red to help him. Red regained consciousness, now freed from the Sorcerer's control, and apologized for his actions. In an attempt to make amends, he taught Spyro the Banish spell that was effective against shadow creatures including the Sorcerer, before returning to the Dragon Dojo to rest.

Spyro then battled his way through the Sorcerer's Land, fighting the Sorcerer himself in his lair and defeated him. Afterwards, Red was welcomed back into the Dragon Realms and made peace with the other Elders (except Titan, who was still angry). He now spent his days at the Dragon Dojo teaching young dragons the ways of magic and how to fight in preparation for the Sorcerer's return.


For information on the first battle with Red, see Red's Chamber. For information on the second battle, see Mecha-Red.


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  • Red is the first dragon villain in the Spyro franchise, the second being the Sorcerer from Shadow Legacy, and the third being Malefor from The Legend of Spyro series.
  • He is one of the only bosses in the classic series you actually fight twice in the same game, the other one being the Sorceress.
    • However, unlike the Sorceress, Red changes form.
  • While not the most sinister Spyro villain, he is more serious than others as he is seen executing two Gnorc messengers for delivering bad news.
  • A scrapped storybook found in the Shadow Legacy game files, The Fall of Red, told alternate details on how Red was banished from the Order of Dragon Elders. In the story, Red was exiled for experimenting on dark magic that was forbidden in the belief that it could be harnessed for the greater good of dragonkind. His experiments lead him to summon a creature from another dimension that rampaged around the Dragonfly Dojo until the other Elders joined together and sent the monster away. Everyone knew Red was the culprit, and in response, Tomas banished Red and told him to never return.[1]
  • Despite Tomas saying in Shadow Legacy that Red was previously kept in the Professor's lab in Avalar, A Hero's Tail had the Professor's Lab in the Dragon Kingdom.


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