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Red's Chamber is a boss realm in Icy Wilderness where Spyro fights the main antagonist, Red, for the first time.


Before you battle Red, it is recomended that you have purchased the extra Health for Sparx. At the main shop, it only costs 5,000 gems, and is avalable from before you even battle Gnasty Gnorc. If you want to, you may also purchase the Butterfly Jar so you have an extra supply of fodder if you run low as there is no fodder in this boss battle.

Round 1. Red will mainly use his staff to cast ice spells at Spyro; use your Flame breath or the Wing Shield move you learnt earlier in the game as defence. After that, Red will bring in five TNT crates; get as many as you can to hit him by switching to and using your Water Breath. Red will continue this until he has taken three hits. Now to Round 2. The game will automaticaly save, so you won't have to repeat this round.

Round 2. Ever played Final Fantasy IV or Final Fantasy X? Then you will realize that Red himself is a Summoner, as he will summon Dragon Dogs and cause some icebergs to fall to the ground. Get rid of all of the dogs and use the flame breath to avoid being hit by the ice beams Red sends at you. Four TNT crates will appear, but this time, only one will hit, as Red will fly away to dodge the others. This will repeat until Red's health is at only 1/3 left. The game will automaticaly save again when Round 3 begins.

Round 3. Red will send the whole platform towards some hot rocks, and he will use a fireball to turn them hot. The ice will melt, but will restore when Red sprays ice around the arena. Use the Wing Shield abillity Titan taught you to avoid getting hit. Don't be in front of Red before the ice starts to restore, as he will use his flame breath on you, and Wing Shield will not prevent you from being hit. After that, Red will fly up and lasers will start to scan the room. Jump over the lower ones to dodge them. After that, a second set of lasers will scan the room; these can't be jumped over, but running is the best defence. After that, Red will bring in some icebergs and will cast his ice spell; remember, the flame breath or Wing Shield can be used to avoid being hit. Next, three TNT crates will appear. Have one of them hit Red, but the other two won't work since Red will dodge them. Repeat this until Red is defeated.


After Red flees the arena, Freezia will wake up and will grant the Ice Breath to Spyro. Equip the breath, and you will find some ice coming out of the walls. Freeze them, and use the Pole Spin to leave the area.


  • In the 3rd round, if you use yourElectricity breath on Red's tail, he will react and become stunned for a short period of time. This is a good tactic to use when Red fires a fireball at the hot rocks, to avoid being hit by his flame breath when you near him.


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