Red Thieves are thieves that are only found in certain supercharge areas. In Spyro the Dragon, one appeared in the Tree Tops realm, in the Beast Makers world. Spyro chased the thief throughout the realm until the end, successfully acquiring a purple gem [worth a value of twenty-five (25)] from it.

Later in Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Red Thieves reappeared in challenge areas of Molten Crater and Icy Peak, and instead of holding a gem, it would hold one of the two dragon eggs available in each area. They are much faster than a normal thief, according to Stoney the Tiki.



  • There's an easier way to kill the Red Thief in Icy Peak and get the egg. The thief is residing along with a Yellow Thief, who runs the supercharge first. Red stands on a thin and tall platform in the middle of the area. If Spyro, instead of killing Yellow, go to the other charging-ramp and above the platform, he can glide to the small platform and kill Red and get the egg, saving a lot of time. However, the challenging part is also taken away.
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