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In the Skylanders Academy television series, the Relics Room is a secret treasure vault in Skylanders Academy that houses the most precious relics in all of Skylands. Known treasures and artifacts include a large amount of riches, The Book of Skylanders and weapons from the Giants, SWAP Force, Imaginators and Skylanders that have retired to make way for younger generations.[1]


The Relics Room is hidden behind a bookcase in the Academy library, activated by a statue of Master Eon and identification of his beard hair. However, the Book of Skylanders has additional defenses, such as an invisible electrified shield that needs to be deactivated with a lever first. It can also be locked from the inside, as used by Eon in Assault on Skylander Academy to protect his students and staff from his dark magic-induced sickness.

It also contains a dragon shield with the location of the Core of Light, but as of Missing Links, it is no longer accurate due to its relocation.



A young Master Eon founded the Skylanders Academy to train future protectors of the Skylands, sometime after the Great War and losses against villains much stronger than him. Though he started the construction on his own in a deserted island, he eventually started overseeing the beginning of each part of the facility with the help of other workers. The longer Eon's beard grew, the larger the Academy became.

Season 1

The Academy is prominent in every episode of the show's first season, most appearances taking place in the Library. Though invasions and thefts are thwarted frequently, the school suffers a great attack in Assault on Skylander Academy, with various doors being destroyed by Kaos, Kaossandra and the Doom Raiders and its defenders incapacitated until the return of Team Spyro.


  • A portrait of Master Eon and a baby Spyro is hung on the wall near the Book of Skylanders.
  • At some point, Master Eon forgot a candy cane among the treasures, and it was still in pristine condition after an unknown amount of time; until he promptly ate it offscreen during the pilot.


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