“Advice? Hm... A wise dragon once told me 'Aim high in life, but watch out for flying boxes.'”

Revilo (レギワ=ドリノマール Regiwa in Japanese) is a Dream Weavers dragon who first appeared in Spyro the Dragon. He can be found in Jacques. Just before the boss, he is waiting to be released.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Revilo is a knitter who is actually knitting his own body.[1] He appears elderly, covered all over in green yarn from neck to tail, he's holding a pair of knitting needles, has large glasses that are attached to his horns which are holding a ball of yarn, has two scarves, his wings look like knitting needles with woven yarn and mittens, and he now rocks back and forth on his tail like a rocking chair.



  • In the original game, Revilo shared the same character model as Lateef, Mazi, Azizi, and Useni.
  • In the late demo of the original game, Revilo doesn't exist at all inside his crystal-prison.
  • While Revilo and his friend Lateef both appear in the post-Gnasty Gnorc cutscene in the original game, they are absent from said sequence in Reignited.
  • In the Reignited Trilogy, Revilo was originally going to be a knitting Artisans dragon, but was found too kooky that he was instead modified into a Dream Weaver.[1]


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