Riptocs are Ripto's subjects that appeared in a few games in the Spyro series. They are mischievous, dinosaur-type creatures, yet somewhat oblivious to dangerous environments.

The Riptocs are typically characterized by a horn protruding from either forehead or the nose, much like their sinister master, Ripto. They were first mentioned in Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, in which they plagued the Dragonfly Dojo and other realms as well. Many realms contain Riptocs which seem to be waiting for you to just walk on in and defeat them. Its most likely they are the same race as Ripto given certain similarities, and Ripto is obviously the leader of their race, supposedly their name comes from his own.

Types of Riptocs

Riptocs in other games

  • Ice Riptocs
  • Frozen Riptocs
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