Robot Farmers are the inhabitants of Robotica Farms who resemble robotic scarecrows.


In the original trilogy, the farmers share the same model, a polygonal body with paint that resemble a red shirt, denim jeans, brown boots and a straw hat. The head had a uncomfortable design with a air filter that reseble a mouth and square eyes with a blue pupils.

In the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the four farmers are redesigned with different clothing, voices and postures. Greenbeene had the same color like the original game, Applebee had a green shirt (like crabapples), blue suspenders, blue jeans and brown shoes, John wearing a brilliant pink and salmon uniform with enormous red shoes and Barleycorn wearing a orange shirt, denim jeans ans red converse. They all had a more stylized design and are chewing a straw.

List of Robot Farmers



  • John is the only farmer whose name don't had relation with cereal fruits.
  • In the latin american dub of Reignited Trilogy, various names were translated:
    • Applebee its called Manzanal (tree of apples).
    • Greenbeene its called Habiverde (Green bean). In the Spanish dub, its called Judiverde.
    • Barleycorn its called Maizal (Corn field).
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