Rock Monsters are huge beings made of rock that are native to Molten Mount and Magma Falls. They can only be defeated by charging them off the cliff and into the lava. They are similar to the Earthshapers except they look less bulky, making them hard to charge at them. Rock monsters don't respawn after their defeat.

They are part of a sidequest from Teena the Hyena, who had her house destroyed because of them. She gives Spyro a Dragon Egg as a reward.

Sidequest: Destroy The Rock Monsters

Despite her laughter (being a Hyena), Teena is upset over the Rock Monsters destroying her home. To obtain a Dragon Egg from her, Spyro must destroy four Rock Monsters by knocking them into the lava. One way is to jump up, and after each foe hits the ground, use the headbash to send them further from you. You will need the super headbash for this trick, which only costs 10,000 gems at the main shop.

There is a Dark Gem nearby, which after being smashed, will create a platform to get towards another egg, a chest with a Light Gem and Sgt. Byrd. However, there are nine foes that should be killed.