“Be on the lookout for Attack Frogs, they are cold-blooded killers!”
“Attack... frogs?”
“And this used to be such a nice swamp...”

Rosco (ロスコ=ビヨワーム in Japanese) is a Beast Makers dragon who first appeared in Spyro the Dragon. He is found in Misty Bog and warns Spyro about the Attack Frogs.

In Spyro Reignited Trilogy, he has a light green skin color and seems more aged. He has oversized horns, and tall wooden staff, two necklaces, a satchel with teeth and two vertical eyes, and a twitch in his eyes when he talks about the killer frogs.



  • In the June 15th prototype, Rosco does not yet have an animation. As such, the dragon disappears immediately as soon as he is collected.


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