The Ruins of Warfang is an underground city in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon that lies between the exit to Warfang and the open valley that's near the Dam. It is possible that the Ancients trained Malefor in the ruins on how to control the elements back when he was young. A large mural of Malefor is displayed high on the wall on the left side of the ruins, with the purple dragon being worshipped by a mole, a cheetah, and two dragons. These ruins are also home to the cursed Shadow Apes.


Spyro and Cynder were sent into the Ruins of Warfang to open the gates on the other side to allow the Guardians, and the army of cheetahs, moles, and other dragons to make their way to the other side of the canyon to ambush the Destroyer. Unable to catch the Destroyer if they fly after it, Ignitus devised the plan to intercept the creature by going underground before Malefor realizes the City is unguarded. After Cynder and Spyro opened the gates into the ancient city, the attack force proceeded on through it. Ignitus then calmed Spyro's fears telling him he would not turn out like Malefor, just as they arrived where the Destroyer would finish its circle.

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