This article is about the boss realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. You may be looking for the realm in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!.
“This might be our last stand, Spyro. The Sorceress plans to use this monster to destroy every iota of her opposition, beginning with the two of us. Alas, there is no time for ruminating. A battle awaits us. I will endeavor to assist you by means of a steady provision of combustible projectiles.”
    —Bentley the Yeti

Scorch's Pit is the third boss realm in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and in the Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It is accessed after completing all five main realms in the Evening Lake homeworld.

It is a huge chamber located inside the giant skeleton of a dead whale, with deadly blue ooze surrounding it. As the name suggests, it is the battle arena for the third main boss of the game, Scorch. Defeating him will unlock the fourth and final homeworld - Midnight Mountain - and will also free Hunter from the Sorceress’ trap back in Evening Lake, making his egg challenges able to be played again.


Spyro and Bentley are stopped here whilst heading for Midnight Mountain, and encounter - as the Sorceress calls him - "the monster to end all monsters", Scorch. Shortly before his creation, Bianca finds out that the Sorceress plans to kill the baby dragons for their wings, which would be used for a spell so that the wicked queen can live forever. Heavily disgusted by this, Bianca betrays the Sorceress by leaving her side and goes off to free Hunter; whom had been trapped in a cage that the Sorceress set up in Evening Lake earlier.

After Spyro defeats Scorch, Bianca finds a hungry Hunter still in the cage, and asks Bianca if she brought more food. She tells Hunter of the Sorceress' evil plans and frees him, much to his amused bewilderment. They then re-join Spyro in their quest to take down the Sorceress and reclaim the remaining eggs.



The strategy for this battle is relatively easy as long as you know where you're running. Keep an eye out for the missiles Bentley tosses to you with his club. Use the green missiles for lots of damage but low accuracy, or red missiles for more accuracy but less damage.

To start, Scorch will either fly around the arena or bring his wings closer to his body. If he does the latter, he's about to attack with a barrage of flaming bomb-like weapons. Look at the shadows raining down on you and make sure you're not under any of them. The 'bombs' will explode into rings of fire; if you are close to one, jump away.

Scorch will fly around and either attack again with those bombs or release up to four red eggs. These will hatch, one by one, into crabs. Destroy the crabs and attack Scorch by aiming (green rockets) or following him and shooting at him randomly (red missiles).

After taking a few hits, Scorch will change what hatches from his eggs. Now, if he fires the eggs at you, they will hatch into TNT Rats, annoying little pests from Icy Peak that will chase after you until their TNT crates explode. Do not let them touch you, or it will hurt!

A few more damaging shots, and Scorch will launch a Burning Smiley egg. When it hatches, it will chase after you; Burning Smileys are easier to escape from however, as they don't seem to be as fast as the TNT Rats. After it explodes, attack Scorch once more.

The last stage is where Scorch releases a huge red egg. Once it hatches, you find you have to defeat . . . a previous boss? A toad that resembles Buzz will come out of the egg! If you remember how to defeat Buzz, use that strategy against him or view Buzz's Dungeon. If not, quickly grab a few red missiles before he hatches and use them against him. The missiles will launch this monster quite far back; if you're lucky, he may even go into the ooze in one shot!

After the Buzz-like toad is gone, attack Scorch a few more times and he will drop out of the sky and plummet into the ooze, defeated and instantly killing him.


Defeat Scorch (James)

  • Defeat Scorch to receive this egg.

Achievement & Trophy (Reignited Trilogy)


  • Defeat Scorch.[1]
    • PS4: Silver Trophy
    • XBOX One: 30G



Original Game

  • Originally, Bentley would throw invincibility power-ups to Spyro if his health was low, but this was cut before the game's release. Interestingly, these power-ups still exist in the game's code, and can be activated with the use of a hack.[2]