The Seals are the residents of Seashell Shore. One day, Sigmund, Sal and Stu were using the Rhynocs' submarine and accidentally crashed it into some rocks after taking it for a joyride. They later got arrested by the rhynocs while their friend Sebastian was gone. The Seals are a mixture of purple and blue, and wear a sailor suit with a shell on it.

Seals also appear in Bentley's outpost, this time serving as enemies. Upon finding them Bartholomew informs Bentley that it took forever to train them to throw snowballs, and then they turned on him. Indeed, they do throw snowballs, but can be defeated by backfiring them with Bentley's spin block.

In the epilogue, the Seals from Seashell Shore invented a sport called "squid-surfing."


  • Sebastian
  • Stanley
  • Sigmund
  • Sal
  • Stu
  • Smelt
  • Sandy
  • Snappy
  • Slappy


  • All the seals have names starting with the letter "S." 
  • In the epilogue, the Seals have invented a sport known as "squid-surfing." By inputting a certain cheat code with the controller's buttons, Spyro's skateboard becomes a squid. It is possible that the code is a nod to the Seals' invention.
  • The seals are voiced by Pamela Hayden in the English version of Year of the Dragon. She also voiced Bianca, the Weather Imps, and Nancy.
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