TLoS DotD Shadow Symbol

The Shadow symbol

Shadow is an element acquired by Cynder in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. The shadow ability later reappeared in the second reboot of the Spyro series, Skylanders, as one of Cynder's two Undead abilities.


The symbol of Shadow has two different designs, in the console versions, it looks like a dark yin yang symbol of black above teal. However, it looks like a purple hand with a dark purple background in the DS version.


Primary Shadow

  • Shadow Strike: Cynder can unleash her shadow element by diving into her own shadow and strike out from the darkness with shadow empowered claws. Shadow strike can also help Cynder get through purple doors.
  • Deadly Shadow Strike
  • Sinister Shadow Strike

Secondary Shadow

  • Shadow Fire: Cynder can unleash her shadow element by breathing a dark shadow fire to suffocate foes.
  • Suffocating Shadow Fire
  • Asphyxiating Shadow Fire


Both effects of the Shadow Strike and Shadow Fire will leave portions of the shadow magic, coating the enemies eyes, this turns the enemies into Cynder' s personal body guard's for a short while, as they don't attack her if they are next to the her and no other enemies are near. Also, when attacking Malefor with Shadow Fire, the breath ignites the fire which didn't appear when using on normal enemies, as only the black plume shows just the plume and no fire.

Skylanders series

In Skylanders, one of Cynder's standard abilities called Shadow Dash involve her turning into a shadow to dash past enemies, leaving behind a trail of ghosts that cause damage. As Series 3 Phantom Cynder, while performing her Shadow Dash attack, Cynder can morph into a giant skull that explodes on release.



  • According to lead concept artist Jared Pullen, dragons of the Poison, Shadow and Fear elements exist, but the elements come from a different, darker entity instead of the light entity that created the other elements (Fire, Electricity, Ice, Earth, Water and Wind).[1]


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