Shady Oasis (オアシスドーム; Oasis Dome) is another Middle Eastern Realm in Autumn Plains. The residential Hippos are trying to reach the Magic Berry Bush, but are too short and not strong enough. Once they eat the berries, they become much larger temporarily and can bash through caged doors. Spyro must help a hippo named Shorty get to the Great Berry Bush, where they can eat the berries 'all the time' while fighting Arabian-style Thieves and their genie allies. The Talisman for Shady Oasis is the Mystic Lamp.


Opening Scene

The scene opens showing a young hippo who is trying to reach one of the magic berries from the bush. Suddenly, a thief runs by carrying a handful of magic berries while doing his signature laugh. The hippo chases after the thief, but the thief is much faster than the hippo. The berry at the top that the thief was carrying falls off and the hippo eats it, while still chasing the thief. Suddenly, the hippo grows bigger and faster, and nearly catches the thief, but the thief goes through a hole in a wall, which is too big for the hippo to go through. He continues running around, laughing at the hippo. The camera goes back to the hippo who is wedged in the wall, and looks at the camera, sadly.

Closing Scene

The scene opens showing two hippos who are at the Great Berry Bush, but all of the berries are missing. They wonder what has happened to them. They then hear a sound behind the bush, and look to see a greedy hippo in his enlarged form, eating almost all of the berries. The two hippos frown at the hippo, upset. The enlarged hippo, embarrassed, pushes some of the uneaten berries to another hippo who is beside him. The scene does not show the two hippo's angry stares in the Reignited Trilogy version.

Intro and Closing Video


Spyro Ripto's Rage Shady Oasis Intro and Extro





Catch 3 thieves

  • Three thieves have made off with some treasure, and it's up to you to stop them. If you kill all three of them, Bruno will give you an orb as thanks for helping him.

Free Hippos

  • Grundy's brothers have been trapped in rock, and will sink into the instant-death goo and die if they are not freed in time. To get the orb, you must pay Moneybags 1,000 gems in Winter Tundra after defeating Gulp to unlock the Headbash ability. You will also need the invincibility powerup (18 enemies required) to walk on the goo. Use the headbash before at least one of the eight brothers sinks in. If you rescue them all, Grundy will give her thanks for saving her huge family and will give you an orb, claiming that she's too tired to carry it.



Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage! - 100% - Shady Oasis

For the Grundy side quest, see the video on the Winter Tundra page




  • Shady Oasis is paired with Scorch. An early name for the realm, found in the code for the demo, was "Scorch Oasis," and Scorch was to be called "Scorch Dunes."

Original Game

  • The level's music is almost like a fast-paced remix of Scorch. In the PAL version, the song can also be heard in the opening and closing cutscenes of Fracture Hills.
  • In the Greatest Hits version, the background in the portal is like Scorch's background.
  • There is a glitch while entering the final indoor chamber. If you angle your entrance perfectly, the land and solid ground will be invisible until you move from your spot.
  • If Spyro is a distance away from Shorty, he will swing his arm, saying, "Come on."
  • In some rooms, if Shorty eats a magical berry before Spyro has defeated all of the enemies, it is possible for him to defeat them, if they are in his way as he rushes to break the next door.
  • After paying Moneybags to unlock Shady Oasis, if you talk to him again he'll tell Spyro to "Say hi to Ripto if you see him." (the main hippo in Shady Oasis is "Shorty") Speculation could be that Moneybags must've overheard Spyro telling Ripto "Bring it on, Shorty" in their post-defeat of Crush conversation and to another speculation could also be Moneybags also might've taken occasional tours and met the Shady Oasis hippos and perhaps even did some business with them regularly. And more importantly Spyro would commonly talk to the main inhabitant.
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