The Shattered Island is the first level in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. It was the home to a Mabu population before a freak tornado ravaged the town after all the villagers evacuated.



The chapter is composed of several areas, some of which grant elemental bonuses.

Fractured Vista

The first area of the level, this is where the player meets Hugo for the first time. A collapsing bridge will trap him shortly after, so your Skylander will have to move on by himself, while Eon offers advice on how the game works.

When meeting Hugo for the first time, he calls Spyro, Gill Grunt and Trigger Happy by their names. Other Skylanders are simply referred to as 'A Skylander'.

Old Town

The residential area of the Mabu town. To allow the residents to escape danger, the Skylander will need to blow up a wall. After that, search the town for the key that opens the locked gate into the Market Curve.

Shoot the cannon again after opening the locked gate to destroy the house containing the Legendary Treasure in the Market Curve.

Market Curve

This area contains another cannon, a locked gate, a Treasure Chest and the Legendary Treasure. The Skylander has to blow up the wall with the cannon to get the key for the locked gate.

The Treasure Chest is next to the fountain. The Legendary Treasure is hidden in a house which must be destroyed by the cannon in Old Town to get to it.

Turtle Gully

After discovering the main bridge gone, the Skylander must go around through Turtle Gully. This area contains a few large turtles that have to be moved to clear the way. The Story Scroll can be found after the turtles have been moved. At the end, the player will meer Flynn, who explains how to climb the hill using the bounce pads.

To access the Turtle Hideout, the final turtle has to be moved to the left to create a bridge.

Turtle Hideout

Magic Skylanders are stronger in this area.

This area is closed off by a Magic Gate. It contains a few movable blocks, the Soul Gem for Chop Chop and the Viking Helmet.

Chompie Pit

After a cutscene, the Skylander is stuck behind a Monster Gate. A frightened Blobbers on the other side explains that the local Chompies must be defeated in order to lower the gate. After defeating them, Blobbers will give an explanation on how the Elemental Gates behind him work, and then continues on to the final area.

On the other side of the small water pool, a Treasure Chest can be found.

Whirlpool Falls

Water Skylanders are stronger in this area.

This area is closed off by a Water Gate. It contains a whirlpool that acts as a teleporter. At the end of the path, the Pan Hat can be found.

Floating Mills

Tech Skylanders are stronger in this area.

This area is closed off by a Tech Gate. It contains spinning blades that damage the Skylander when touched. At the end of the path, the Anvil Hat can be found.

Ancient Landmark

The final area of the chapter, the Skylander needs free the Mabu Royal Family so they can escape the tornado. To do so, he needs to apply his recently gained knowledge of turtle pushing, cannon firing, pad jumping and key grabbing. When the Mabu are freed, the chapter ends.

In the bottom right corner, the final Treasure Chest can be found.



Skylanders - Chapter 1 - Shattered Island (100%)

Walkthrough Video (warning: contains spoilers)


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