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Skylanders Academy (スカイランダーズ・アカデミー, Sukairandāzu Akademi in Japanese) was a French-American computer-animated spin-off television series based on the Skylanders franchise. It serves as Activision Blizzard Studios' first animated production with Futurama writer Eric Rogers overseeing the creation of the series[2] up until Season 3. The series premiered on October 28, 2016 worldwide on the Netflix network.[3]

The television series is a spinoff to the storyline of the games with no direct tie-ins to sequels, being its own separate identity.[4] Eric Rogers metioned the series being a mixture of Gravity Falls and Futurama.[5] On April 30, 2019, it was announced that Skylanders Academy was cancelled by Netflix, lasting three seasons.[6]


At an Investor Day presentation on November 6, 2015, Activision Blizzard announced the formation of Activision Blizzard Studios, a film production subsidiary dedicated to creating original films and television series. Headed by former The Walt Disney Company executive Nick van Dyk, Activision Blizzard Studios would look to produce and adapting Skylanders into a film and television series.[7]

As part of a two season partnership, Activision Blizzard Studios announced that Skylanders Academy would air on Netflix.[8] Two seasons were originally planned; season one debuted on October 28, 2016 with a second season coming on October 6, 2017.

On February 2, 2017, Season 3 was announced to be in production.[9]

On August 22, 2018, Season 3 was announced to be released on September 28th. Eric Rogers is stepping down as showrunner, replaced by the showrunning duo of Clayton Sakoda and Ian Weinreich starting with Season 3.[10][11]

On April 30, 2019, it was announced that Skylanders Academy won't be returning for a fourth season and has been cancelled.[6]


As darkness begins to threaten the balance of peace in the Skylands, Master Eon is forced to assemble a ragtag group of heroes to protect the universe from evil-doers Kaos and the Doom Raiders. Using their unique blend of personalities and elemental-based super powers, Spyro and his fellow Skylanders are called upon to set aside egos as they come together to maintain harmony and balance in the land. Jam-packed with humour, heart and memorable moments, Skylanders Academy promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with epic action for kids of all ages.

Along with a new class of cadets, and newcomers Cynder and Sprocket, the team returns in an action packed Skylanders Academy Season 2 that finds our heroes seeking answers from the past. Spyro begins a search for information about his ancestors in order to harness and understand his special powers. Meanwhile, Kaos’ quest to bring evil rule to the Skylands realms accidentally unleashes a villain more powerful than anything Kaos or the Skylander warriors have ever faced. The Skylanders unite once more for the greatest showdown against evil yet – putting them all to the ultimate test!

In Season 3, all is not right at Skylanders Academy. After being turned evil at the hands of uber-villain Strykore, Spyro returns as an undercover agent, set on finding an ancient artifact hidden at the Academy that will help his new dark master take over the Skylands! With Kaos out on his own quest to spread evil as a dastardly pirate captain, it will take all of the Skylanders uniting together -- along with some new characters and alliances -- to help Spyro remember the true hero he really is if they have any hope of stopping Strykore and restoring peace to the realm.


List of Skylanders Academy episodes

Voice cast

Additional voices


  • Bobby Kotick - Executive Producer
  • John Mathot - Supervising Director
  • Kristi Reed - Voice Director
  • Eric Rogers - Executive Producer
  • Eric S. Rollman - Supervising Producer
  • Sander Schwartz - Executive Producer
  • Stacey Sher - Executive Producer
  • Collette Sunderman - Voice Director
  • Timbaland - Theme Song Performer
  • Toys For Bob - Special Thanks
  • Nick van Dyk - Executive Producer

Main theme

The theme song for Skylanders Academy, Harmony, was composed by Timbaland and performed by Dalton Diehl.





  • This marks Spyro, Cynder, Malefor, Dark Spyro, and Coco Bandicoot's first appearances in an animated television series.
  • Certain Skylanders and characters didn't appear in the series,[24] though they are still involved in the story.
  • In the Season 1 intro, there are several artworks of Skylanders within The Book of Skylanders who did not appear in the show itself. This includes Gill Grunt, Wrecking Ball, Drobot, Double Trouble, Shroomboom, Chop Chop and Prism Break.
    • Wrecking Ball and Drobot are quickly shown again in the show when the Book of Skylanders's pages are being flipped at points.
    • All characters have the artwork of their latest figure release as of Season 1. Drobot, however, has the artwork of his LightCore version rather than his Series 2, as both were released in the same game lineup.
    • In the second Season, the book aesthetic is replaced by showing the main characters all over Skylands, and the book characters are no longer seen.
  • Flynn, Fiesta, Tree Rex, Jawbreaker, The Gulper and Dr. Krankcase were characters planned for Season 2, but were cut due to budget reasons.[25] Flynn would later make his televison debut in Season 3.


  • While in the main canon spells are recited with regular english or gibberish, some spells in the show are in english, with the phrases or each word in reverse.
  • Notable aspects from the Skylanders franchise, such as the existence of Portal Masters, were not included in the spinoff TV series, though they are still mentioned.
  • Unlike in the games, many Skylanders have already retired or retire during the events of the show, though some still have their skills in good shape.


  • The different voice cast of several characters in Skylanders Academy are made to give the show its own separate identity.[4]
  • Malefor, Dark Spyro and Strykore were leaked months before their reveal in a photo from Stealth Elf's voice actress, Ashley Tisdale; though the focus of it was the brightly lit recording room, parts of the script for a Season 3 episode could be seen at the bottom of the picture on a table.
  • A running gag in the show involves the characters going unrecognized using simple and nearly non-existent disguises. This is because of the show's budget and CG quality, which would not allow most characters to switch outfits in any way.[26]
  • The Season 2-3 intro was made by the UI and video design company Experience Perception.[27]


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