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Skylands is the main setting of the Skylanders series. Lying at the very centre of the universe, it is a magical world in another dimension that contains an endless expanse of clouds with large and small floating islands; each with its own world. Skylands is also home to its greatest protectors, the Skylanders.


Using Mind Magic, the Ancients created everything in Skylands. With no known beginning or end, Skylands is a wondrous world filled with magic and mystery, light and dark, that lies in the center of the universe. Magic flows through everything in Skylands, from every rock, tree, and beast. The Skylanders, including Spyro, serve as Skylands' greatest heroes as well as its protectors. They, along with the Portal Masters, protected Skylands and its magical Core of Light for generations, using their magical powers, physical abilities, and weaponry to keep peace and balance in their world so that all creatures can thrive.

The world of Skylands is an endless sea of clouds in which many rocky islands float about; too many to count, but each one is unique. Some of these islands are as large as an entire kingdom while others overflow with salty seas or are swollen with fiery volcanoes. Throughout the history of Skylands, brave explorers have piloted airships far and wide to see what lies beyond its cloud-filled skies. Some were lost in the Great Black Whirl Storm while others were shipwrecked on strange and dangerous islands. But one thing has always proven true: there is seemingly no boundary or end to the world of Skylands.

Skylands is stationed at the center of the universe, connected to all worlds. From there, anyone can travel anywhere in the cosmos. If a villain ever conquers all of Skylands, they will have access to all worlds, putting them under threat and no world in the universe would be safe.[1][2][3]


Different areas in Skylands have different elemental energies. Certain Skylanders will have extra powers and rewards when they're in the area their respective element is stationed at. Some are simply small energies that enhance creatures affiliated with them such as Sunflower Ridge in Perilous Pastures enhancing Tech powers, while others, like the Bleating Highlands nearby, have such strong enemies that the landscape is altered and is closed off from creatures of other elements until its Elemental Gate is opened.

Core of Light

The Core of Light is a great machine that protected Skylands from The Darkness and kept the world together until it was destroyed by Kaos, allowing him to take over Skylands using the impeding evil. Set as one of the main goals in the console version of Spyro's Adventure, it is up to the new Portal Master to repair the Core of Light by finding its missing components that were scattered across Skylands. However in Skylanders: SuperChargers, the Core of Light was destroyed by Kaos' The Sky Eater, leaving Skylands without a beacon of light in one of its darkest hours. It was rebuilt in the Sensei Light Realm in Imaginators, however, it now requires the energy of crystals to function.

Celestial Bodies

Though stars are almost never visible even in its night sky (even if the Dark element is associated with star constellations), Skylands appears to have at least one moon and sun; the former visible in Monster Marsh and Quicksilver Vault, the latter mentioned in Empire of Ice; and both seen at various points of the Skylanders Academy spinoff series. The Future of Skylands also reveals that more planets (thus, possible moons) and suns will form in the millenia to come.


Many materials that don't exist on Earth can be found in Skylands. Sky Iron is a durable metal used for the creation of shields and other resistant objects; Skylithium is a material strongly associated with crystals; and Traptanium is said to be one of the strongest materials in Skylands with the power to trap creatures inside of it and channel elemental energies. Sometimes, the very ideas and thoughts behind creation can take physical shape, appearing as Imaginite crystals when Mind Magic is unleashed.


Due to the Tech elemental energies, the technology level in Skylands varies from prehistoric to futuristic, notably with the creation of independent robot AI being commonplace. However, most areas appear to be in a mix of medieval and recent day technology - settlements are towns and fortresses of stone and wood, mechanisms are rarely automated and radio is slowly gaining popularity despite its single station, but electricity and TV screens are seen occasionally.

In Skylanders Academy, more advanced technology appears to be widespread with many real-life institutions being easily accessible and the common usage of cellphones and video projection, though the latter two might be combined with magic.


Adventure Pack Levels

Radiant Isles

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  • In the intro to Spyro's Adventure, the Island of Scalos is shown, with the top of Dragon's Peak visible.
    • It is also shown that Dragon's Peak is close to Perilous Pastures.
  • In a few of the Mask of Power novels, it is stated that there are volcanoes in Skylands that shoot out popcorn when they erupt, instead of lava.
  • While many islands are relatively small and it is easy to see their edges, some islands, such as Pirate Seas, or the Secret Arkeyan Vault of Secrets, are massive and have no end in sight.
  • In Dragon's Peak, the first area is called "Skylands."
  • Experts state that there's countless wildlife that are still waiting to be discovered in Skylands; there are tales of living leaves, singing bushes, flying elves, and fishing gnomes. Are they real? Only time will tell.[4]
  • In several games, strange creatures are occasionaly seen flying through the sky in the levels and cutscenes, which slightly resemble manta rays, with many different colors and wing designs protuding from their sides. Oddly, they are never named or pointed out.
  • Spyro fans are often confused by the assumption that Skylands is the shattered world taking place at the conclusion of The Legend of Spyro trilogy in the Spyro the Dragon franchise. This is completely false, as both franchises take place in different universes and Skylands was likely inspired by the reconstructing world of The Legend of Spyro. As of Imaginators, it is brought up that Skylands was created by the Ancients with the use of Mind Magic and not a previous cataclysm.
  • Every 20 years, the Synchronization Celebration causes Skylands to converge with the Wumpa Islands on Earth, and the islands' landscape itself celebrates along with its inhabitants during this period.
  • Each of Skylands' extremes seem to drastically change its scenery; the outer reaches of islands are the Outlands, its lower areas are mostly part of the Underworld, and the higher areas of the realm are considered almost separate from Skylands - locations such as the Skyhighlands, the Light Vehicle Zone, and the Dragon Temple, require powerful means of transportation to reach in reasonable time.
  • In Skylanders Academy, vehicle licensing is confirmed with the appearance of the Skylands DMV. Though lawyers are mentioned in Champions, it is unknown if such documentation is needed in the regular canon's Skylands.
  • In Imaginators and the Academy episode Pop Rocks, it is confirmed that the Skylands has a National Anthem, though it is unknown if the former version was exaggerated by Sal.


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