Skylands is the main setting of the Skylanders series. Lying at the very centre of the universe, it is a magical world in another dimension that contains an endless expanse of clouds with large and small floating islands; each with its own world. Skylands is also home to its greatest protectors, the Skylanders.


Using Mind Magic, the Ancients created everything in Skylands. With no known beginning or end, Skylands is a wondrous world filled with magic and mystery, light and dark, that lies in the center of the universe. Magic flows through everything in Skylands, from every rock, tree, and beast. The Skylanders, including Spyro, serve as Skylands' greatest heroes as well as its protectors. They, along with the Portal Masters, protected Skylands and its magical Core of Light for generations, using their magical powers, physical abilities, and weaponry to keep peace and balance in their world so that all creatures can thrive. From Skylands, anyone can travel anywhere in the cosmos. If evil had ever gained control over all of Skylands, no world in the universe would be safe.

Throughout the history of Skylands, brave explorers have piloted airships far and wide to see what lies beyond its cloud-filled skies. Some were lost in the Great Black Whirl Storm while others were shipwrecked on strange and dangerous islands. But one thing has always proven true: there is seemingly no boundary or end to the world of Skylands.

The world of Skylands is an endless sea of clouds in which many rocky islands float about; too many to count, but each one is unique. Some of these islands are as large as an entire kingdom while others overflow with salty seas or are swollen with fiery volcanoes.


Different areas in Skylands have different elemental energies. Certain Skylanders will have extra powers and rewards when they're in the area their respective element is stationed at. For example, in Perilous Pastures, Sunflower Ridge is an area in that level where Skylanders of the element of Tech are stronger as long as they are in that zone.

Core of Light

The Core of Light is a great machine created by the Ancients to protect Skylands from The Darkness and keep the world together. It was later destroyed by Kaos in Spyro's Adventure, allowing him to take over Skylands using the impeding evil. Set as one of the main goals in the console version of Spyro's Adventure, the new Portal Master along with their Skylanders were tasked repair the Core of Light by finding its missing components that were scattered across Skylands. They succeeded, bringing light back to the world and repelling The Darkness.


Adventure Pack Levels

Radiant Isles



  • Skylands greatly resembles the Floating Islands, a level from The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, and the shattered but slowly reconstructing world at the conclusion of the game.
    • This causes confusion among Spyro fans, causing them to believe that the shattered world that takes place in The Legend of Spyro is Skylands. This was proven entirely false.
      • While the world of The Legend of Spyro is lastly depicted as a shattered planet with floating islands, Skylands is a world created by the Ancients using Mind Magic that has no end nor a beginning, produces an endless amount of floating islands, is connected to many many worlds including Earth, and lies at the very centre of the universe.
    • It also resembles the Dream Weavers homeworld and its levels from the first Spyro game.
  • In Dragon's Peak, the first area is called "Skylands."
  • While many islands are relatively small and it is easy to see their edges, some islands, such as Pirate Seas, or the Secret Arkeyan Vault of Secrets, are massive and have no end in sight.