Slap-Happy Armored Monks[1] are enemies that that appear only in the Dream Weavers homeworld from Spyro the Dragon.


In their main small form, they wear what appears to be a monk cloak with an armored breastplate, invulnerable to flames. Their arms are noticeably larger with their red-haired head appears to be pint-sized. They wear flat-looking yellow shoes.

In their larger form, the only two differences is the head and arms are in perfect shape. Their right eye, however, is half-shut.


There is a cannon in this realm that shoots magical beams, which change the size of these creatures—they alternate between small and large, similar to Carrot-Topped Monks. Spyro can defeat the fools by charging them only when they are small. The Slap-Happy Armored Monk leader who turns them into their larger form will cause them to become invincible, which means they're invulnerable to both flaming and charging.

When they are large and Spyro approaches one of those, they start waving their arms and blabber incoherently. When they are small, they do little, but scream when Spyro charges at them.


  • Slap-Happy Armored Monks and Armored Turtles are the only two enemies in the game to be completely invincible in their larger form.
  • There is a glitch that occur from their larger form. As soon as Spyro charges at one when the magical beam hits before changing back to its smaller normal form, the large Slap-Happy Armored Monk does take damage. Whenever they touch the ground while dying, its model will quickly inflate and instantly pop. However, if Spyro touches the Monk in this state before it disappears, he will take damage as well.


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