Soul Gems are collectible items scattered throughout Skylands in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Every chapter has at least one or two of these gorgeous purple gems somewhere in the level. Acquiring them earns you no money, no health, and no experience.

There is one Soul Gem per Skylander, and once found, they unlock a special upgrade for the character they represent and also show previews of that Skylander depending on the game platform of Skylanders you have.

Soul Gem Locations

Skylander Chapter
Bash Stonetown
Boomer Oilspill Island
Camo Goo Factory
Chop Chop Shattered Island
Cynder Molekin Mine
Dino-Rang Dark Water Cove
Double Trouble Lair of Kaos
Drill Sergeant Battlefield
Drobot Battlefield
Eruptor Lava Lakes Railway
Flameslinger Molekin Mine
Ghost Roaster Darklight Crypt
Gill Grunt Treetop Terrace
Hex Cadaverous Crypt
Ignitor Dark Water Cove
Lightning Rod Stonetown
Prism Break Crystal Eye Castle
Slam Bam Empire of Ice
Sonic Boom Sky Schooner Docks
Spyro Crawling Catacombs
Stealth Elf Falling Forest
Stump Smash Perilous Pastures
Sunburn Dragon's Peak
Terrafin Pirate Seas
Trigger Happy Cadaverous Crypt
Voodood Arkeyan Armory
Warnado Stormy Stronghold
Wham-Shell Oilspill Island
Whirlwind Creepy Citadel
Wrecking Ball Quicksilver Vault
Zap Leviathan Lagoon
Zook Troll Warehouse


  • The soul gems for Skylanders that come in adventure packs are in their respective adventure packs.
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