“Protects other enemies from projectiles.”
    —Game description

“Technology in the wrong hands.”
    —Game description

“A chilling attack - beware of the puddles.”
    —Game description

“Spell endows nearby enemies with magical armor.”
    —Game description

“Spells heal nearby enemies.”
    —Game description

“Spell grows Rhu-Barbs.”
    —Game description

“Lays down fuse to an explosive surprise.”
    —Game description

“Don't get zapped by the reanimated orbs!”
    —Game description

Spell Punks are enemies in the Skylanders series. They are wizards who only use their magic to cause mischief. Most of them work for Kaos. These mischief makers appear in different appearances associated with the elements from Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Undead, Life, Magic, and Tech, each with different attacks. When they are defeated, the Spell Punks disappear in a billow of magical energy of their respective element.


Skylanders: The Machine of Doom

An Air Spell Punk led a group of trolls and casted an invisibility spell on them to test it out so that they can steal the Chattering Key for Kaos without being seen by the guard of the Key. However, to the Spell Punk's fustration, the trolls wanted to cause some mischief in the Mabu Market, drawing the attention of the Skylanders. The wizard was caught by Spyro, who forced the Spell Punk to accidentally blurt out the existence of the Chattering Key to the dragon Skylander. Kaos appeared as an apparition of his head and bellowed furiously to the Spell Punk that the wizard would be punished for revealing information to Spyro, and the fearful Spell Punk was then transported back to Kaos's lair along with the trolls.

Skylanders: Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master

A guild of Spell Punks played a role in creating the Mask of Power millennia ago for their king, who was a follower to The Darkness and wanted to destroy the Core of Light.



Air Spell Punks can summon windy barriers around their allies to deflect projectiles.


Tech Spell Punks can summon tracking lasers from the sky.


Life Spell Punks can heal nearby enemies. They are also used by Blitzer Bullies as 'health benefits' to heal themselves when they take damage.


Undead Spell Punks can summon Rhu-Babies as well as increasing their size, turning them into Rhu-Barbs.


Fire Spell Punks can set alight nearby dynamite.


Water Spell Punks can summon large drops of water and freezes a Skylander if they stand on one for too long when they cast the spell.


Earth Spell Punks can summon magical armor around other nearby enemies.


Magic Spell Punks commands reanimated spheres to fire blasts of magic.


  • No one knows what Spell Punks look like beneath their giant hoods, but many suspect that their heads are as pointed as their hoods.[1]
  • All eight Spell Punk elements have a small version of their element symbol, on the middle of their robe to easily identify which element that Spell Punk is from.
  • In Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master, Spyro mentioned that Spell Punks don't usually work together.


  1. Skylanders Annual 2013, page 20

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